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Circadian variation in serum free and non‐SHBG‐bound testosterone in normal men: measurements, and simulation using a mass action model
OBJECTIVE We measured the changes in testosterone fractions in serum of normal men over a 24‐hour period, and determined whether they could be simulated on the basis of current understanding of theExpand
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Characteristics of the ACTH response to repeated pulses of corticotrophin-releasing factor and arginine vasopressin in vitro.
A multi-column perifusion system was used to investigate the dynamics of the dose-response relationships of ACTH release by ovine pituitary cells when stimulated by both corticotrophin-releasingExpand
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Varying the patterns and concentrations of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone stimulation does not alter the ratio of LH and FSH released from perifused sheep pituitary cells.
Our aim was to determine whether release of LH and FSH can be controlled differentially by the characteristics of applied signals of stimulatory gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) alone, free ofExpand
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Mathematical Modelling and Computers in Endocrinology
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Reduction of Methaemoglobin in Haemoglobin Samples using Gel Filtration for Continuous Removal of Reaction Products
EVEN a small degree of oxidation of haemoglobin to methaemoglobin, such as occurs in the transport and storage of frozen red cells, interferes with the study of its oxygen dissociating properties.Expand
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Influence of the characteristics of pulses of gonadotrophin releasing hormone on the dynamics of luteinizing hormone release from perifused sheep pituitary cells.
The effects were studied of varying the frequency, width and amplitude of pulses of gonadotrophin releasing hormone (GnRH) on the release of LH from anterior pituitary cells. Dispersed sheep cellsExpand
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Mathematical analysis of perifusion data: models predicting elution concentration.
System models are constructed and analyzed for combined convective flow and for dispersion in distorting concentrations of a chemical signal as it passes through a packed column. We derive generalExpand
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Biosynthesis of wax esters in cell-free preparations of Euchaeta norvegica.
Abstract 1. 1. Wax esters account for 60% of the total lipid in Euchaeta; the total lipid accounts for 20% of the dry weight. 2. 2. Cell-free preparations supplemented with magnesium ions, coenzyme AExpand
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Oxygen Binding by Haemoglobin J-Cape Town (α2 92 Arg → Gln)
AN abnormal haemoglobin with the electrophoretic mobility of a haemoglobin J has been found in Cape Town, South Africa, and subsequently shown to be α2(92 Arg→Gln)β2 (ref. 1). The oxygen bindingExpand
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Metabolism of the biologically active inositol phosphates Ins(1,4,5)P3 and Ins(1,3,4,5)P4 by ovarian follicles of Xenopus laevis.
The metabolism of biologically active inositol phosphates in developed ovarian follicles from Xenopus laevis was investigated. Techniques used were microinjection of tracer into the intact oocyteExpand
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