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Laryngeal dynamics associated with voice frequency change.
Simultaneous measures of laryngeal muscle electromyographic activity, subglottal pressure, and air flow were obtained from 14 adult males as they sustained phonation at the 10, 30, 50, 70, and 90% ...
Relationship of lingual and intraoral air pressures during syllable production.
The production of many consonant sounds requires a buildup of air pressure within die oral cavity. This buildup often results from resistance to air flow created in the vocal tract by tongue moveme...
Air flow during vocal fry phonation.
  • R. McGlone
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of speech and hearing research
  • 1 June 1967
Five male and five female speakers, who were free of any voice disorder, were required to sustain vocal fry phonation at three pitch levels; one an arbitrary Standard level, another lower than the Standard level and one higher than theStandard level. Expand
Studies on auditory thresholds in normal man and in patients with adrenal cortical insufficiency: the role of adrenal cortical steroids.
There appears to be a generalized increase in sensitivity to all sensory stimuli in patients with ACI not receiving steroids, and these hormones may play a significant role in maintaining the level of responsiveness of the sensory system to incoming stimuli. Expand
Some physiologic correlates of vocal-fry phonation.
Subglottal air pressure, airflow, and electromyographic activity of four intrinsic larygeal muscles were recorded during sustained phonation in the vocal-fry and low-frequency modal registers. Nine...