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The influence of L1 on the acquisition of Swedish quantity by native speakers of Spanish, English and Estonian
This study examined the influence of the L1 phonetic system on the acquisition of Swedish quantity distinctions by native speakers of two languages in which quantity distinctions are not phonologically relevant. Expand
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The Acquisition of Swedish Long vs. Short Vowel Contrasts by Native Speakers of English, Spanish and Estonian
This work addresses an important current issue in the field of second language speech acquisition. The main purpose of the experiments reported here has been to test a hypothesis about the influenceExpand
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Investigating the ‘‘trough:’’ Vowel dynamics and aerodynamics
Articulatory coordination in vowel–consonant–vowel utterances (V=/i a/, C=/p b/) was studied in 5 Swedish, 3 English, 2 German, and 3 French speakers. Electropalatographic records showed that theExpand
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Experience as a factor in L2 phonological acquisition
This paper discusses the question of the effect of experience in the use of a second language (L2) as a factor in the acquisition of L2 phonology. In a recent study of the acquisition of the SwedishExpand
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The perception of speakers emotions by hard of hearing children and adolescents
This is a first installment in newly initiated studies of the speech perception of the hearing impaired. The aim of this study was to assess the ability of hard of hearing children and adolescents toExpand
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Methodological studies of Movetrack: Coil placement procedures and their consequences for accuracy
Pour mesurer les mouvements articulatoires a l'aide du systeme movetrack, une procedure capable de minimiser l'inclinaison de la bobine, d'estimer et de corriger avec precision l'angle d'inflinaison entre les bobines dans le systeme Movetrack. Expand
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Perceptual Foreign Accent and its Relevance for Simultaneous Interpreting
The study of simultaneous interpreting presents a formidable challenge to the linguist and psychologist alike. Psycholinguistic models meant to shed light on the complexity of the process in questionExpand
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Labial Coarticulation in Stutterers and Normal Speakers: a Pilot Study
Anticipatory labial co-articulation refers specifically to the early onset of features related to labiality, as, for example in the onset of rounding for rounded vowels. This particular example ofExpand
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An EMG study of some characteristics of the Swedish rounded vowels
Abstract: The traditional view of the Swedish rounded vowels includes two types of rounding, “inrounding” and “outrounding”. EMG measurements were made to determine whether this rounding differenceExpand
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