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Slab rupture and delamination under the Betics and Rif constrained from receiver functions
Abstract We map the lithospheric structure under the westernmost Mediterranean convergent setting interpreting P-receiver functions obtained from a dense seismic network. No orogenic root occursExpand
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The 2012–2013 earthquake swarm in the eastern Guadalquivir basin (South Spain): A case of heterogeneous faulting due to oroclinal bending
Abstract From October 2012 to October 2013, a seismic swarm released more than 7000 microearthquakes beneath the eastern Guadalquivir foreland basin. From double-difference relocations of 501 eventsExpand
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Tearing of the mantle lithosphere along the intermediate‐depth seismicity zone beneath the Gibraltar Arc: The onset of lithospheric delamination
The intermediate-depth seismicity (IDS) beneath the Gibraltar Arc is enigmatic. So far, there is no general consensus on its relationship with the ongoing tectonic processes. We analyzed S waveExpand
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Control de la fermentación maloláctica en vinos tintos de Rioja: influencia en su calidad higiénica, físico-química y sensorial
En los ultimos anos, en las bodegas se tiende a optimizar todas las etapas del proceso de elaboracion, entre las que se incluyen las relacionadas con los aspectos microbiologicos de lasExpand
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A tangential neuronal migration in the olfactory bulbs of adult lizards
TRITIATED thymidine ([3H]thymidine) autoradiography at different times after experiments showed that postnatally generated neurones in the adult lizard olfactory bulbs are not generated in a localExpand
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Pharmacokinetic Study of Saquinavir 500 mg Plus Ritonavir (1000/100 mg Twice a Day) in HIV-Positive Pregnant Women
Antiretroviral therapy during pregnancy is critical to preventing human immunodeficiency virus vertical transmission. Physiological changes during pregnancy can alter drug kinetics. The aim of thisExpand
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Seismicity of the Iberian Peninsula
Earthquakes are a conspicuous manifestation of active processes in and around the Iberian Peninsula, providing evidence for active faulting at the plate boundary zone, as well as across largeExpand
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