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Correlation between the effects of salbutamol on contractions and cyclic AMP content of isolated fast — and slow — contracting muscles of the guinea pig
It seems clear that the contrasting effects of sympathomimetic amines on slow — and fast contracting muscle are mediated through a common mechanism — elevation of cyclic AMP. Expand
Effects of purified cardiotoxins from the Thailand cobra (Naja naja siamensis) on isolated skeletal and cardiac muscle preparations.
The results suggest that cardiotoxins do not act at a specific step in normal excitation-contraction coupling but directly on cell membranes, where they probably cause the formation of pores which result in depolarization and in the influx of calcium. Expand
Structure: action Relationships Among Some Desacetoxy Analogues of Pancuronium and Vecuronium in the Anesthetized Cat
Results showed that the greater neuromuscular blocking potency of pancuronium and vecuronium is lost after removal of one or both of the acetylcholine moieties, and it is suggested that a nondepolarizing equivalent of suxamethonium, when discovered, may necessarily be a drug of relatively low potency. Expand
Anesthetic activity of novel water-soluble 2 beta-morpholinyl steroids and their modulatory effects at GABAA receptors.
In vitro results are consistent with the anesthetic activity of the amino steroids being related to their modulatory effects at GABAA receptors. Expand
The Anaesthetic Action and Modulation of GABAA Receptor Activity by the Novel Water-soluble Aminosteroid Org 20599
Results indicate Org 20599 to be a potent and short-acting intravenous anaesthetic agent in mice and suggest positive allosteric regulation of GABAA receptor function to be an plausible molecular mechanism of action for the drug. Expand
Neuromuscular blocking and cardiovascular effects of Org 9487, a new short-acting aminosteroidal blocking agent, in anaesthetized animals and in isolated muscle preparations.
In animals, Org 9487 is a low potency, nondepolarizing neuromuscular blocking agent with a time course profile similar to that of suxamethonium, and is unlikely to produce prohibitive cardiovascular side effects in man. Expand
Pharmacology of AH 5158; a drug which blocks both α‐ and β‐adrenoceptors
The results show AH 5158 to possess a novel profile of activity and resembles propranolol in decreasing rather than increasing total peripheral resistance and in causing larger decreases in arterial blood pressure at equipotent β‐adrenoceptor blocking doses. Expand
The response of isolated cardiac muscle to acute anoxia: protective effect of adenosine triphosphate and creatine phosphate
A standardized and reproduceable preparation is described that enables the effect of drugs to be examined on the response of isolated cardiac muscle to acute anoxia. There was a linear relation (r =Expand
Some observations on the β‐adrenoceptor agonist properties of the isomers of salbutamol
Both (–)‐ and (+)‐salbutamol showed high selectivity for β‐adrenoceptors in bronchial muscle compared to cardiac muscle, in this way resembling racemic sal butamol. Expand
Effects of a new neuromuscular blocking agent (Org 9426) in anaesthetized cats and pigs and in isolated nerve-muscle preparations.
Org 9426 reduced the amplitude of end plate currents (EPC) in rat and snake muscle, but had no major effects on EPC decay characteristics, indicating a lack of endplate channel blocking action. Expand