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Ultrastructural evaluation of the effects of diclazuril on the endogenous stages ofEimeria maxima andE. brunetti in experimentally inoculated chickens
It is concluded that diclazuril treatment primarily affected particular stages in the sexual development of both Eimeria maxima and E. brunetti, resulting in the complete eradication of these coccidian species. Expand
Tetramisole (R 8299), A New, Potent Broad Spectrum Anthelmintic
After heating for 15 min, a well-defined spot pattern due to the previously reported intermediate phase was obtained, indicating that by controlled heating the intermediate structure can be recognized as a separate phase, which under normal conditions does not revert to brucite. Expand
Diclazuril, a new broad spectrum anticoccidial drug in chickens. 1. Dose titration studies and pilot floor pen trials.
In these pilot studies, involving 1,020 Hisex and 1,000 Hubbard broiler chickens, it has been demonstrated that diclazuril at the dose level of 1 ppm in the diet is an excellent anticoccidial without any adverse effects. Expand
In vivo action of the anticoccidial diclazuril (Clinacox) on the developmental stages of Eimeria tenella: a histological study.
It is concluded that diclazuril is lethal against both the asexual and the sexual stages of E. tenella. Expand
Efficacy of diclazuril in the prevention and cure of intestinal and hepatic coccidiosis in rabbits.
Diclazuril at 1 p.p.m. in the feed prevented both intestinal and hepatic coccidiosis in rabbits and can be advocated for safe mass medication. Expand
Toxicologic studies on mebendazole.
  • R. Marsboom
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  • 1 March 1973
Abstract Acute, subacute and chronic oral studies showed mebendazole, a potent, orally active broad spectrum anthelmintic, to have a high safety margin and to be extremely well tolerated by a varietyExpand
Bilogical and toxicological properties of econazole, a broad-spectrum antimycotic.
Toxicity and teratogenicity studies in different laboratory animals indicate that econazole is well tolerated. Expand
Sampling times in micronucleus testing.
It is evident that for screening purposes two sampling times at 24 and 48 h are sufficient to detect clastogens as well as aneugens and no qualitative differences were observed between the two sexes. Expand
Diclazuril, a new broad-spectrum anticoccidial for chickens. 3. Floor-pen trials.
Experimental data indicated that diclazuril, at dose levels of .5, .75, 1, and 2 ppm, had a high anticoccidial activity in terms of preventing mortality, suppressing or reducing lesion scores, and allowing for normal weight gains as well as productivity. Expand