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Comparing alternative instruments to measure service quality in higher education
The purpose of this work is to examine the performance of five alternative measures of service quality in the high education sector – SERVQUAL (Service Quality), Importance-weighted SERVQUAL,Expand
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Revisiting the determinants of local government performance
Managing financial resources efficiently is a requirement for all levels of government. However, measuring the performance of governments or other public authorities is usually highly complex. TheExpand
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Flexible contracts to cope with uncertainty in public–private partnerships
Abstract Public private partnerships (PPP) are long lasting contracts, generally involving large sunk investments, and developed in contexts of great uncertainty. If uncertainty is taken as anExpand
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Quantitative studies of water and sanitation utilities: a benchmarking literature survey
This paper performs a literature update of quantitative studies of water and sanitation services (WSS), with an emphasis on tracking the benchmarking literature. There are 190 studies which use costExpand
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Regulation of Water and Wastewater Services: An International Comparison
This book, published in collaboration with ERSAR, presents a unique account of governance and regulatory methods used by different countries, states and municipalities that will help regulators andExpand
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The influence of the operational environment on the efficiency of water utilities.
Adjusting for the operational environment in studies of performance measurement is very important, otherwise the analysis may lead to unrealistic scores, especially when its influence on costs isExpand
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Designing performance incentives, an international benchmark study in the water sector
We investigate the role of incentive schemes in the drinking water sector in the Netherlands, England and Wales, Australia, Portugal and Belgium. Expand
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A Meta-Regression Analysis of Benchmarking Studies on Water Utilities Market Structure
This paper updates the literature on water utility benchmarking studies carried out worldwide, focusing on scale and scope economies. Using meta-regression analysis, the study investigates whichExpand
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Exogenous Determinants for Renegotiating Public Infrastructure Concessions: Evidence from Portugal
AbstractRenegotiations are frequently perceived as the Achilles’ heel of concessions. After two decades of concessions development, empirical evidence suggests a recurrent need to renegotiateExpand
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Risks, Contracts and Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure
This article examines how risk is reflected in infrastructure regulatory contracts, using examples from water utilities to illustrate key points. Partnerships between public and private sectors inExpand
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