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Validation of the SL3 beta-Lactam Test for screening milk in compliance with U.S. pasteurized milk ordinance: performance tested method 040701.
The SL3 beta-Lactam Test is a 3 min, receptor-based lateral flow Rapid One Step Assay (ROSA) that detects 5 of 6 beta-lactam drugs approved for dairy cattle in the United States. The method wasExpand
Differential patterns of drug involvement among Israeli youth.
The present study tries to link some demographic, social, psycholoogical and attitudinal variables of drug abuse. The findings were centred around the readiness of secondary school youth in Israel toExpand
Polar types of reported drug involvement among Israeli youth.
The predisposing factors lined to drug involvement may be different for various types of youth, although the outcome is the same. In this sense a bimodal curve of drug involvement would indicate twoExpand
Validation of the charm 3 SL3 beta-lactam test for screening raw milk in compliance with the U.S. pasteurized milk ordinance. Performance Tested Method 071002.
The Charm 3 SL3 beta-Lactam Test is a 3 min receptor-based lateral-flow Rapid One-Step Assay (ROSA) that detects the six beta-lactam drugs of concern approved for dairy cattle in the United States.Expand
Charm Safe-Level beta-Lactam Test for amoxicillin, ampicillin, ceftiofur, cephapirin, and penicillin G in raw commingled milk.
The Charm Safe-Level beta-Lactam Test was evaluated by a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) test protocol administered by the AOAC-Research Institute. The sensitivity and selectivity of the testExpand
Test device and method for discovery of analytes in samples
TRIO Method for Detection of Beta-Lactams, Sulfonamides, and Tetracyclines in Raw Commingled Cows' Milk.
A qualitative 3 min one-step assay for detecting beta-lactam, sulfonamide, and tetracycline antibiotics was validated following milk screening test guidelines developed by FDA-CVM, AOAC-RI, and IDF.Expand
Dispositif d'essai et procede de detection d'un analyte
L'invention concerne un dispositif d'essai, un systeme et un procede. Ce dispositif se compose d'un logement en plastique transparent, allonge en forme de brosse a dents et d'une bandelette d'essai aExpand
Kit and lateral flow assay method for detecting an analyte
A method for determining the concentration of an analyte in a liquid sample comprising: a) contacting the sample with a labeled receptor to form a mobile phase, characterized labeled receptor by anExpand