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Global Sensitivity Analysis: The Primer
Preface. 1. Introduction to Sensitivity Analysi. 1.1 Models and Sensitivity Analysis. 1.1.1 Definition. 1.1.2 Models. 1.1.3 Models and Uncertainty. 1.1.4 How to Set Up Uncertainty and SensitivityExpand
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Fiscal Policy in an estimated open-economy model for the EURO area
This paper presents an open economy DSGE model, which is estimated on a euro area data set using Bayesian techniques. It extents current models by allowing for a detailed empirical analysis of fiscalExpand
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Mitochondrial DNA remains intact during Drosophila aging, but the levels of mitochondrial transcripts are significantly reduced.
It has been suggested that mutations accumulated in mitochondrial DNA during the aging process may be causally related to the decreased physiological response of the senescent organisms. We haveExpand
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Differential muscle-type expression of the Drosophila troponin T gene. A 3-base pair microexon is involved in visceral and adult hypodermic muscle specification.
The complete genomic organization of the Drosophila troponin T (TnT) gene shows many interesting features, including the presence of a microexon of only 3 nucleotides conserved among Drosophilidae.Expand
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Drosophila paramyosin/miniparamyosin gene products show a large diversity in quantity, localization, and isoform pattern: a possible role in muscle maturation and function
The Drosophila paramyosin/miniparamyosin gene expresses two products of different molecular weight transcriptionally regulated from two different promoters. Distinct muscle types also have differentExpand
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First Prototype of the CrossGrid Testbed
The CrossGrid project is developing new grid middleware components, tools and applications with a special focus on parallel and interactive computing. In order to support the development effort andExpand
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Análisis de las alteraciones del metabolismo hidrocarbonado en la población adulta de Yecla (Murcia)
Objetivo. Medir la prevalencia de glucemia basal alterada (GBA), tolerancia alterada a la glucosa (IGT) y diabetes mellitus tipo 2 (DM2) en la poblacion adulta de Yecla. Diseno. Estudio descriptivoExpand
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Control of Drosophila Paramyosin/Miniparamyosin Gene Expression
To define the transcriptional mechanisms contributing to stage- and tissue-specific expression of muscle genes, we performed transgenic analysis of Drosophila paramyosin gene regulation. This geneExpand
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Review of Sensitivity Analysis Methods
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Artemia mitochondrial genome: molecular biology and evolutive considerations.
During the last two decades an increasing amount of information has been accumulated regarding the gene structure and organization of the mitochondrial genome from various organisms. Many studiesExpand
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