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Physicochemical and nutritional qualities of grape pomace powder-fortified semi-hard cheeses
It is demonstrated that grape pomace powder can be a functional ingredient to increase TPC and RSA in consumers' diets and the addition of this by-product to cheese is an environmentally friendly way to manage winemaking wastes. Expand
Yogurt Enrichment with Grape Pomace: Effect of Grape Cultivar on Physicochemical, Microbiological and Sensory Properties
Grape skin flours obtained from grape pomace of Chardonnay, Moscato and Pinot noir varieties were used as sources of polyphenolic compounds in yogurt formulation during 3 weeks of storage. YogurtExpand
A sensory- and consumer-based approach to optimize cheese enrichment with grape skin powders.
Reducing the GSP particle size and improving the G SP dispersion in the curd would reduce the effect of powder addition on sensory properties, thereby encouraging the use of these polyphenol-based fortifiers in cheeses. Expand
Effect of grape cultivar on physico-chemical , 1 microbiological and sensory properties 2 3
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