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Knowledge Societies: Information Technology for Sustainable Development
1: Building Innovative 'Knowledge Societies'. 2: Innovation Systems and the Science and Technology Base. 3: ICT Indicators of Developing Country Participation in 'Knowledge Societies'. 4: Building
From Digital Divides to Digital Entitlements in Knowledge Societies
This paper critically examines current constructions of the causes, consequences and appropriate actions to reduce the so-called `digital divide'. Drawing upon discussions that have occurred in a
The Reality of E-commerce with Developing Countries
Based on research on e-marketplaces in the garments and horticulture sectors and on the experiences of firms in Bangladesh, Kenya and South Africa, this study examines the expectations and
Imagining the Internet: Communication, Innovation, and Governance
This book is an impressive survey of our collective and cumulative understanding of the evolution of digital communication systems and the Internet. Whilst the information societies of the
The international encyclopedia of digital communication and society
Volume I About the Editors vii Contributors ix Alphabetical List of Entries xvii Thematic List of Entries xxi Introduction xxiii Digital Communication and Society Volume II Digital Communication and
Political Economy, Power and New Media
This article suggests that it is timely to revitalise studies in the tradition of the political economy of media and communications in order to develop a critical and comprehensive analysis of the
Beyond interoperability to digital ecosystems: regional innovation and socio-economic development led by SMEs
This paper shows the early results of new research on how Digital Ecosystems can promote new modes of sustainable e-business practices, for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), using an open
Digital Opportunities and the Missing Link for Developing Countries
The spread of digital information and communication technologies is enabling firms to implement electronic commerce. Many expect that the implementation of new means of trading internationally,