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A bus encoding technique for power and cross-talk minimization
Considerable research has been done in the area of bus-encoding techniques, for either power minimization or cross-talk elimination in system-level buses, but not both together. We propose NoExpand
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Dynamic replica placement and selection strategies in data grids - A comprehensive survey
Data replication techniques are used in data grid to reduce makespan, storage consumption, access latency and network bandwidth. Data replication enhances data availability and thereby increases theExpand
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The security in MANET depends on many factors such as availability, confidentiality, integrity, authentication, non-repudiation, access control and usage control (Zhou & Haas 1999; Zhang & Lee 2000).Expand
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Air pollution analysis using enhanced K-Means clustering algorithm for real time sensor data
Air pollution affects body organs and human systems in addition to the environment. Smart air pollution monitoring consists of wireless sensor nodes, server and a database to store the monitoredExpand
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Data Access Prediction and Optimization in Data Grid Using SVM and AHL Classifications
In recent years, scientific applications have the need to effectively handle huge volume of data. The processing and handling of such large quantity of data requires large scale computingExpand
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A survey of filter bank algorithms for biomedical applications
The Digital signal processing algorithms are promising techniques, which are used to alleviate the filter bank designs in various applications. Filter bank is an enabling technique for numerousExpand
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Survey on Mobile Ad Hoc Network Attacks and Mitigation Using Routing Protocols
Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) due to its unpredictable topology and bandwidth limitations are vulnera ble to attacks. Establishing security measures and find ing secure routes are the majorExpand
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A Survey on Joint Compression and Encryption Techniques for Video Data
Problem statement: When we send any video data over the network it co nsumes more time. This is due to the huge size of the video fil e when compared to text file. Therefore, video data should beExpand
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Medical Image Retrieval System in Grid Using Hadoop Framework
In the last few years there has been tremendous increase in the storage and processing of data, with significant speed and storage space requirements. Medical image storage and retrieval is one suchExpand
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