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Beyond Retribution: Seeking Justice in the Shadows of War
  • R. Mani
  • Political Science
  • 17 May 2002
Abbreviations. Acknowledgements. Section I Justice in Theory. 1. The Three Dimensions of Justice in Post-conflict Peacebuilding. 2. Concepts of Justice in Contemporary Philosophy. Section II JusticeExpand
Dilemmas of Expanding Transitional Justice, or Forging the Nexus between Transitional Justice and Development
∗It is timely that in just its second year of publication, the International Journal of Transitional Justice (IJTJ) has chosen to focus this special issue on the nexus between transitional justiceExpand
Rebuilding an Inclusive Political Community After War
This article argues that the central need in a society in the aftermath of violent conflict is to rebuild the state’s representation function, which should be constructed around an inclusiveExpand
Women, Art and Post-Conflict Justice
This article addresses the creative agency of women within the context of post-conflict or transitional justice (TJ). Specifically it seeks to underscore the diverse ways in which women in societiesExpand
The Rule of Law or the Rule of Might? Restoring Legal Justice in the Aftermath of Conflict
Peace researchers have distinguished between two objectives of peacebuilding: the ‘negative peace’ objective of avoiding a relapse into conflict; and the ‘positive peace’ objective of consolidatingExpand
Cure or Curse? The Role of Religion in Violent Conflict and Peaceful Governance
From the Origins of Religion to the Present Impasse Religions emerged in the dawn of prehistory, as ubiquitous, diverse responses of humankind to the bewildering wonderment of our planet. TheyExpand