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Effects of biodiesel from different feedstocks on engine performance and emissions: A review
This paper analyzes the performance and emissions of biodiesel from different feedstocks. The main goal of this paper is to provide information to the engineers, industrialists and researchers whoExpand
Solar energy in Iran: Current state and outlook
This paper introduces the resource, status and prospect of solar energy in Iran briefly. Among renewable energy sources, Iran has a high solar energy potential. The widespread deployment of solarExpand
Production, characterization and performance of biodiesel as an alternative fuel in diesel engines – A review
Due to the finite stock of fossil fuels and its negative impact on the environment, many countries across the world are now leaning toward renewable sources energies like solar energy, wind energy,Expand
Novel environmentally friendly fuel: The effects of nanographene oxide additives on the performance and emission characteristics of diesel engines fuelled with Ailanthus altissima biodiesel
Abstract The present study investigated the effect of graphene oxide (GO) nanoparticles, as novel fuel additives, on the engine performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine. The GOExpand
Experimental investigation of thermal conductivity and dynamic viscosity on nanoparticle mixture ratios of TiO2-SiO2 nanofluids
Abstract In recent years, research is focused on enhancing the thermo-physical properties of single component nanofluids. Hence, the hybrid or composite nanofluids are developed to enhance the heatExpand
Experimental determination of turbulent forced convection heat transfer and friction factor with SiO2 nanofluid
The heat transfer coefficients and friction factor with SiO2/water nanofluid up to 4% particle volume concentration are determined for flow in a circular tube under constant heat flux boundaryExpand
An Experimental Study on the Thermal Conductivity and Dynamic Viscosity of Tio2-Sio2 Nanofluids in Water: Ethylene Glycol Mixture
The hybrid nanofluid has been thriving among researchers due to its potential to improve heat transfer performance. Therefore, various studies on heat transfer properties need to be carried out toExpand
Study of a Diesel Engine Performance with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System Fuelled with Palm Biodiesel
The increase in world population leads to the growthin energy demand. The primary sources of this energycome from the combustion of fossil fuel which producing oxides of nitrogen and other harmfulExpand
Role of biofuel and their binary (diesel–biodiesel) and ternary (ethanol–biodiesel–diesel) blends on internal combustion engines emission reduction
Exhaust emission from transportation sector affects the human health. It is the main contributor to degrade the air quality. Biofuel is promising alternative to maintain both human health andExpand
Optimization of performance and exhaust emission parameters of a SI (spark ignition) engine with gasoline–ethanol blended fuels using response surface methodology
This paper studies the use of RSM (response surface methodology) to optimize the performance parameters and exhaust emissions of a SI (spark ignition) engine which operates with ethanol–gasolineExpand