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Optimization Algorithms on Matrix Manifolds
Optimization Algorithms on Matrix Manifolds offers techniques with broad applications in linear algebra, signal processing, data mining, computer vision, and statistical analysis and will be of interest to applied mathematicians, engineers, and computer scientists. Expand
Nonlinear Complementary Filters on the Special Orthogonal Group
An observer on SO(3), termed the explicit complementary filter, that requires only accelerometer and gyro outputs; is suitable for implementation on embedded hardware; and provides good attitude estimates as well as estimating the gyro biases online. Expand
Multirotor Aerial Vehicles: Modeling, Estimation, and Control of Quadrotor
This article provides a tutorial introduction to modeling, estimation, and control for multirotor aerial vehicles that includes the common four-rotor or quadrotor case.
Riemannian Geometry of Grassmann Manifolds with a View on Algorithmic Computation
We give simple formulas for the canonical metric, gradient, Lie derivative, Riemannian connection, parallel translation, geodesics and distance on the Grassmann manifold of p-planes in Rn. In theseExpand
Complementary filter design on the special orthogonal group SO(3)
This paper considers the problem of obtaining high quality attitude extraction and gyros bias estimation from typical low cost intertial measurement units for applications in control of unmannedExpand
A complementary filter for attitude estimation of a fixed-wing UAV
A nonlinear complementary filter is proposed that combines accelerometer output for low frequency attitude estimation with integrated gyrometer output for high frequency estimation that is evaluated against the output from a full GPS/INS that was available for the data set. Expand
Convergence of the Iterates of Descent Methods for Analytic Cost Functions
It is shown that the iterates of numerical descent algorithms, for an analytic cost function, share this convergence property if they satisfy certain natural descent conditions and strengthen classical "weak convergence" results for descent methods to "strong limit-point convergence" for a large class of cost functions of practical interest. Expand
Visual servoing of an under-actuated dynamic rigid-body system: an image-based approach
  • T. Hamel, R. Mahony
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • IEEE Trans. Robotics Autom.
  • 7 August 2002
A new image-based control strategy for visual servoing of a class of under-actuated rigid body systems is presented, novel in considering the full dynamic system incorporating all degrees of freedom and in not requiring measurement of the relative depths of the observed image points. Expand
Dynamic modelling and configuration stabilization for an X4-flyer
Abstract A model for the dynamics of a four rotor vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle known as an X4-flyer is proposed. The model incorporates the airframe and motor dynamics as well asExpand
Attitude estimation on SO[3] based on direct inertial measurements
  • T. Hamel, R. Mahony
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Proceedings IEEE International Conference on…
  • 15 May 2006
Experimental results, for flight data from the HoverEyecopy UAV, demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed nonlinear complimentary filter exploiting the structure of special orthogonal group S0(3). Expand