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Ergodic Behavior for Nonnegative Kernels
Generalized binomial distributions
In many cases where the binomial dismbution fails to apply to real world data it is because of more variability in the data than can be explained by that dismbution. Several authors have proposedExpand
The Decomposition-Separation Theorem for Finite Nonhomogeneous Markov Chains and Related Problems
Let M be a finite set, P be a stochastic matrix and U = {(Zn)} be the family of all finite Markov chains (MC) (Zn) defined by M , P , and all possible initial distributions. The behavior of a MC (Zn)Expand
Determining Sample Size When Searching for Rare Items
Reliability and safety engineers are frequently searching for relatively rare items such as defective connections in a core auxiliary cooling system. They are involved with the problem of determiningExpand
P values for tests using a repeated significance test design
SUMMARY Repeated significance testing can be used as a multistage testing procedure which has advantages over single sample tests and purely sequential tests. Repeated significance tests having aExpand
A Confidence Interval for an Exponential Parameter from a Hybrid Life Test
Abstract In life testing, type I and type II censoring may be combined to form a hybrid life test. Epstein (1954) introduced this testing scheme and Epstein (1960b) proposed a two-sided confidenceExpand