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Human and Environmental Impacts on River Sediment Microbial Communities
A spatiotemporal study of sediments in the Tongue River in Montana suggests that microbial community structure is shaped by environmental drivers and niche filtering, though stochastic assembly processes likely play a role as well. Expand
Structural insights into substrate specificity and the anti beta-elimination mechanism of pectate lyase.
It is clear that the catalytic calcium ions and adjacent lysine promote catalysis by acidifying the alpha-proton, facilitating its abstraction by the base. Expand
Liposomal formulation of retinoids designed for enzyme triggered release.
Four different retinoid phospholipid prodrugs are synthesized and it is shown that they form particles in the liposome size region with average diameters of 94-118 nm and releasing cytotoxic retinoids and lysolipids. Expand
Synthesis and biological activity of anticancer ether lipids that are specifically released by phospholipase A2 in tumor tissue.
It was found that the stereochemistry of the glycerol headgroup in AEL-2 and 3 has a dramatic effect on the cytotoxicity of the lipids, and a correlation was found between their cytotoxic activity and their ability to inhibit Akt phosphorylation. Expand
One‐Pot Glycosylations in the Synthesis of Human Milk Oligosaccharides
Human milk oligosaccharides contain a well-defined core structure that makes them interesting synthetic targets for one-pot glycosylation strategies. In this investigation, a one-pot procedure wasExpand
Prostaglandin phospholipid conjugates with unusual biophysical and cytotoxic properties.
The synthesis of two secretory phospholipase A(2) IIA sensitive 15-deoxy-Delta(12,14)-prostaglandin J(2) phospholipid conjugates is described and their biophysical and biological properties areExpand
The mechanism for the rhodium-catalyzed decarbonylation of aldehydes: a combined experimental and theoretical study.
The theoretical kinetic isotope effects based on this mechanism were in excellent agreement with the experimental values for both substrates, but only when migratory extrusion of CO was selected as the rate-determining step. Expand
Combined experimental and theoretical mechanistic investigation of the Barbier allylation in aqueous media.
The Barbier allylation of a series of para-substituted benzaldehydes with allylbromide in the presence of Zn, In, Sn, Sb, Bi, and Mg was investigated using competition experiments and calculated secondary deuterium isotope effects based on this mechanism were found to be in good agreement with experimental values, thus adding further support to this mechanistic scenario. Expand
Formation of acetic acid by aqueous-phase oxidation of ethanol with air in the presence of a heterogeneous gold catalyst.
It is shown that it is possible to selectively oxidize ethanol into acetic acid in aqueous solution using air as the oxidant with a heterogeneous gold catalyst at temperatures of about 423 K and O2 pressures of 0.6 MPa, and that the cost of bioethanol is expected to decrease. Expand