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Malonaldehyde determination in tissues and biological fluids by ion-pairing high-performance liquid chromatography
A method for the analysis of malonaldehyde by ion pairing high-performance liquid chromatography is described. The method is direct; no thiobarbiturate chromogen formation is required, and sampleExpand
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A highly sensitive high-performance liquid chromatography method for the estimation of ascorbic and dehydroascorbic acid in tissues, biological fluids, and foods.
A highly sensitive procedure for determining ascorbic acid (AA) and dehydroascorbic acid (DHAA) by high-performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection in biological fluids, tissues,Expand
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Distribution of alpha-tocopherol in human plasma lipoproteins.
Lipoproteins were removed from human plasma by ultracentrifugation at a density of 1.225. Three classes of lipoproteins were then separated by 4% Agarose-column chromatography: very low densityExpand
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The influence of dietary vitamin E, fat, and methionine on blood cholesterol profile, homocysteine levels, and oxidizability of low density lipoprotein in the gerbil.
A 90-day feeding study with gerbils was conducted to evaluate the influence of dietary vitamin E levels (25 mg/kg diet, 75 mg/kg, 300 mg/kg, and 900 mg/kg), two levels of dietary methionione (caseinExpand
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Mechanisms of Absorption, Transport and Tissue Uptake of RRR-α-Tocopherol and d-γ-Tocopherol in the White Rat
The metabolism of alpha- and gamma-tocopherol was studied in three groups of rats that were fed a modified AIN-76 diet containing normal (NE, 0.2 g alpha-tocopherol/kg), high (HE, 1.0 gExpand
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Vitamin E levels in superficial and intra-abdominal locations of white adipose tissue in the rat
Concentrations of RRR-α-tocopherol (vitamin E) were measured in white adipose tissue (WAT) from three superficial and three intra-abdominal locations of rats fed diets using low-, normal-, orExpand
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Alpha- and gamma tocopherol concentrations in human serum.
Vitamin E (alpha- and gamma-tocopherol) and total lipid concentrations were determined in the serum of 451 healthy human male and female subjects ranging in age from 19 to 70 years. Mean serumExpand
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A Procedure for the Separation and Quantitative Analysis of Ascorbic Acid, Dehydroascorbic Acid, Isoascorbic Acid, and Dehydroisoascorbic Acid in Food and Animal Tissue
Abstract A procedure is presented for the direct and simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid (AA) and isoascorbic acid (IAA) in food products and animal tissues by reverse phase high-performanceExpand
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Vitamin C and vitamin E status in the spontaneously diabetic BB rat before the onset of diabetes.
Ascorbic acid (AA), dehydroascorbic acid (DHAA), and vitamin E were measured in tissues and plasma of 30 control and 30 spontaneously diabetic BioBreeding rats (BBdp) during development and beforeExpand
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Gender and exercise influence on tissue antioxidant vitamin status in rats.
Although gender differences in antioxidant status based largely on differing estrogen levels have been postulated, it is not known if other gender based differences in tissue antioxidants exist. ThisExpand
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