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Sensitivity of the carbon cycle in the Arctic to climate change
The recent warming in the Arctic is affecting a broad spectrum of physical, ecological, and human/cultural systems that may be irreversible on century time scales and have the potential to cause
The organic carbon cycle in the Arctic Ocean
1 The Arctic Ocean: Boundary Conditions and Background Information.- 1.1 Physiography and Bathymetry of the Arctic Ocean.- 1.1.1 Introduction.- 1.1.2 Definition of the Arctic Ocean and its
Oceanography of the Canadian Shelf of the Beaufort Sea: A Setting for Marine Life
Conservation of marine biodiversity in the Beaufort Sea demands that we understand what individual organisms require of their physical and geochemical environments in order to survive. Specifically,
Modelling The Mean Velocity Profile In The Urban Canopy Layer
A simple model originally derived for meanwind speed profiles in vegetative canopy flows ismodified for application to arrays ofthree-dimensional surface obstacles (cubes), whichcould be
Phytoplankton productivity on the Canadian Shelf of the Beaufort Sea
The seasonal cycle of phytoplankton productivity on a broad, seasonally ice-covered arctic shelf (the Canadian Shelf of the Beaufort Sea) is examined and predicted loss of ice cover over the Arctic's marginal seas is likely to have its greatest impact by widespread initiation of conditions for shelf-break upwelling.
The freshwater budget and under-ice spreading of Mackenzie River water in the Canadian Beaufort Sea based on salinity and18O/16O measurements in water and ice
Observations of salinity and oxygen isotope composition (δ18O) were made for the Beaufort shelf-Mackenzie estuary waters in September 1990, just prior to ice formation, and for both the water column