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Brane-World Gravity
This review analyzes the geometry, dynamics and perturbations of simple brane-world models for cosmology and astrophysics, mainly focusing on warped 5-dimensional brane -worlds based on the Randall-Sundrum models. Expand
Adiabatic and entropy perturbations from inflation
We study adiabatic ~curvature! and entropy ~isocurvature! perturbations produced during a period of cosmological inflation that is driven by multiple scalar fields with an arbitrary interactionExpand
HIRAX: a probe of dark energy and radio transients
The Hydrogen Intensity and Real-time Analysis eXperiment (HIRAX) is a new 400{800MHz radio interferometer under development for deployment in South Africa. HIRAX will comprise 1024 six meterExpand
Black holes on the brane
Abstract We consider exact solutions for static black holes localized on a three-brane in five-dimensional gravity in the Randall-Sundrum scenario. We show that the Reissner-Nordstrom metric is anExpand
Instability in interacting dark energy and dark matter fluids
We consider a model of dark energy interacting with dark matter. An interaction may be interesting for the solution of the coincidence problem. We model dark energy as a fluid with constant equationExpand
Cosmology with a SKA HI intensity mapping survey
HI intensity mapping (IM) is a novel technique capable of mapping the large-scale structure of the Universe in three dimensions and delivering exquisite constraints on cosmology, by using HI as aExpand
Causal Thermodynamics in Relativity
I review the causal relativistic thermodynamics developed by Israel and Stewart, and discuss some applications in cosmology and astrophysics. The lectures begin with an overview of relativistic fluidExpand
Stars in the braneworld
We show that, in a Randall-Sundrum II type braneworld, the vacuum exterior of a spherical star is not in general a Schwarzschild spacetime, but has radiative-type stresses induced by five-dimensionalExpand
Chaotic inflation on the brane
We consider slow-roll inflation in the context of recently proposed four-dimensional effective gravity induced on the world-volume of a three-brane in five-dimensional Einstein gravity. We findExpand