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Dengue virus tetra-epitope peptide expressed in lettuce chloroplasts for potential use in dengue diagnosis
The lettuce plastid transformation system was applied to achieve efficient and stable tetra-epitope peptide antigen production, and its reactivity was evaluated and may provide an alternative system for the large-scale production of dengue recombinant antigens useful for serodiagnosis.
Development of a new tobamovirus-based viral vector for protein expression in plants
By using this PMMoV-based vector, the multiepitope gene for chikungunya virus was successfully expressed and confirmed by western blotting and represents an alternative system for a high-level production of heterologous protein in plants.
Unique RNA 2 sequences of two Brazilian isolates of Pepper ringspot virus, a tobravirus
The sequences of the complete RNA 2 segments and the 3′ end of the RNA 1 genomic regions of two new isolates from tomato plants were analyzed and an additional ORF was predicted upstream of the CP gene, although there was no sequence similarity.
Expression and assembly of Norwalk virus-like particles in plants using a viral RNA silencing suppressor gene
It was concluded that protein expression in a binary vector co-expressed with the 126K PTGS suppressor protein enabled superior expression and assembly of norovirus VLPs.
Assembly of tomato blistering mosaic virus-like particles using a baculovirus expression vector system
ToBMV VLPs can be produced in a baculovirus/insect cell heterologous expression system, and the N-terminal residues 2-24 of the CP are not essential for this assembly, allowing its potential use as a protein carrier that facilitates antigen purification and might be used for diagnosis.