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Dengue virus tetra-epitope peptide expressed in lettuce chloroplasts for potential use in dengue diagnosis
Dengue virus causes about 100 million cases of dengue disease per year in the world. Laboratory diagnosis is done mainly by serological techniques, which in many cases use crude virus extracts thatExpand
Development of a new tobamovirus-based viral vector for protein expression in plants
Plants are becoming an interesting alternative system for the heterologous production of pharmaceutical proteins, providing a more scalable, cost-effective, and biologically safer option than theExpand
Expression and assembly of Norwalk virus-like particles in plants using a viral RNA silencing suppressor gene
Binary vector-based transient expression of heterologous proteins in plants is a very attractive strategy due to the short time required for proceeding from planning to expression. However, thisExpand
Assembly of tomato blistering mosaic virus-like particles using a baculovirus expression vector system
The expression of several structural proteins from a wide variety of viruses in heterologous cell culture systems results in the formation of virus-like particles (VLPs). These VLPs structurallyExpand
Unique RNA 2 sequences of two Brazilian isolates of Pepper ringspot virus, a tobravirus
Pepper ringspot virus (PepRSV) is a tobravirus reported only in Brazil. Here, the sequences of the complete RNA 2 segments and the 3′ end of the RNA 1 genomic regions of two new isolates from tomatoExpand
Analisys of herbicide thiocarbamates by gas chromatography.
Separation of toxaphene-sumithion in formulation. [author's transl].