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A cut - off point of fasting plasma glucose (FPG) for screening of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is determined and FBG ≥ 91.5 mg/dl has good sensitivity and specificity in screening of GDM.
Temporal and Spatial Variation of Fluoride, Nitrate and Nitrite Concentrations in Drinking Water in Ilam Using Geographic Information System
The results showed that in most regions the fluoride concentrations were lower than standard levels, and some useful actions such as protecting the wells, construction of wastewater treatment plants, controlling the use of nitrogen fertilizers and continuous monitoring of water quality could be of great benefit.
Biosorption of chromium in aqueous solutions using Bivalve Mollusk Shells through central composite design (CCD) model
AbstractPollution of water resources caused by heavy metals has been among the greatest concerns of environmentalists in recent years. Industrial wastewater contains chromium. Therefore, removing or
Temporal and spatial variation of hardness and total dissolved solids concentration in drinking water resources of Ilam City using Geographic Information System
Background: In recent times, the decreasing groundwater reserves due to over-consumption of water resources and the unprecedented reduction of precipitation, during the past 1 decades, have resulted
Exposure of workers with inhalable particles in a cement factory in Khorasan Razavi province
Introduction: Considering the great importance of the workforce�s wellbeing as well as the employment of a large number of workers in the in the cement industries in Iran, the current study was
Risk assessment of occupational exposure to cement inhalable particles and recommendation of control strategies in a cement factory
Most workers employed in various worksites of the cement production were exposed to dust higher than the OEL recommended by the Technical Committee of occupational health in Iran, and the TLV recommended by ACGIH.
Anthracene Biodegradation by Bacteria Isolated from Tajan River Estuary
In this study, isolation of some bacteria from Tajan river estuary and their use in biodegradation of Anthracene showed that the biological method is a cheap and effective method that can be used forAnthracene removal.