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Bio-fuels for the gas turbine: A review
Due to depletion of fossil fuel, bio-fuels have generated a significant interest as an alternative fuel for the future. The use of bio-fuels to fuel gas turbine seems a viable solution for theExpand
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Heat transfer and friction correlations for artificially roughened solar air heater duct with discrete W-shaped ribs
An experimental investigation has been carried out to study the heat transfer and friction characteristics in solar air heater by using discrete W-shaped roughness on one broad wall of solar airExpand
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Impact of alternative fuel properties on fuel spray behavior and atomization
In order to verify and solve the problem of NOx and PM emissions, it is necessary to directly observe the internal combustion chamber of a diesel engine. Many studies have been performed in recentExpand
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Heat loss study of trapezoidal cavity absorbers for linear solar concentrating collector
Abstract There should be minimum heat loss from the absorber to achieve better efficiency of the solar collector. Overall heat loss coefficients of the trapezoidal cavity absorber with rectangularExpand
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Experimental study of augmented heat transfer and friction in solar air heater with different orientations of W-Rib roughness
Abstract Artificial roughness in the form of ribs is a convenient method for enhancing thermal performance of solar air heaters. This paper presents the experimental investigation of heat transferExpand
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Various combustion characteristics and properties are studied while selecting a fuel for any engine. The choice of the engine and fuel are highly interrelated. Vegetable oil is one obvious fuelExpand
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Thermal performance of linear Fresnel reflecting solar concentrator with trapezoidal cavity absorbers
Thermal performance of the four identical trapezoidal cavity absorbers for linear Fresnel reflecting solar device were studied and compared. The absorbers were designed for operating in conjunctionExpand
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A review of research and development work on solar dryers with heat storage
Drying of agricultural food products is one of the most attractive and cost-effective applications of solar energy. The solar dryer is less reliable due to the intermittent nature of solar energy.Expand
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Review on Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids
Abstract Among the thermo physical properties of the nano fluids thermal conductivity is the key property which depends on the pertinent parameters of nanoparticles material, volume fraction, size,Expand
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An experimental investigation of shell and tube latent heat storage for solar dryer using paraffin wax as heat storage material
Abstract In the presented study the shell and tube type latent heat storage (LHS) has been designed for solar dryer and paraffin wax is used as heat storage material. In the first part of the study,Expand
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