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Electrophysiological actions of γ-aminobutyric acid and clomethiazole on recombinant GABAA receptors
Clomethiazole is a gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)-mimetic agent with anticonvulsant, sedative and neuroprotective properties. The pharmacological actions of clomethiazole that underlie its functionalExpand
Electrophysiological actions of gamma-aminobutyric acid and clomethiazole on recombinant GABA(A) receptors.
A quantitative electrophysiological study of clomethiazole action at human recombinant GABA(A) receptors is presented, finding that direct activation and gamma-aminobutyric acid potentiation are likely to contribute to the in vivo profile of clometrichiazoles. Expand
On the regulation of ischaemia‐induced glutamate efflux from rat cortex by GABA; in vitro studies with GABA, clomethiazole and pentobarbitone
The results suggest that clomethiazole, unlike pentobarbitone, is able to activate the GABAA receptor‐linked chloride channel directly and not merely potentiate the effect of endogenous GABA. Expand
Pharmacology of ischemia-induced glutamate efflux from rat cerebral cortex in vitro
The data indicate that the early phase of ischemia-induced glutamate efflux is in part Ca(2+) dependent, while the later phase involves volume activated anion currents and both phases involve excitatory amino acid transporters. Expand
Nociceptin/orphanin FQ inhibits ischaemiainduced glutamate efflux from rat cerebrocortical slices
Results suggest a neuroprotective action for NC, and the analogues and competitive antagonist found to have a similar effect on glutamate efflux compared to NC at micromolar concentrations. Expand
The interaction of AR-A008055 and its enantiomers with the GABAA receptor complex and their sedative, muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant activity
The current data suggest that the proposed GABA uptake inhibitory property of (R)-(+)-AR-A008055 fails to produce significant sedative, myorelaxant or anticonvulsant activity. Expand
Neuroprotective efficacy of AR-A008055, a clomethiazole analogue, in a global model of acute ischaemic stroke and its effect on ischaemia-induced glutamate and GABA efflux in vitro
(R)-(+)- AR-A008055 was more potent than (S)-(-)-AR-A08055 in enhancing the concentration of GABA in the medium following 30 min exposure of tissue to the ischaemic conditions, suggesting that it is an effective GABA uptake inhibitor. Expand
Glutamate receptor-mediated inhibition of l-glutamate efflux from cerebral cortex in vitro
Data support a modulatory effect of glutamate receptors on L-glutamate efflux from adult rat cerebrocortical prisms and suggest that glutamate receptor ligands affect oxygen-glucose deprivation-evoked L- glutamate Efflux through binding to NMDA receptors. Expand
Assessing the effectiveness of water quality education programs in controlling soil phosphorus levels in the Beaver River Watershed, Utah
Federal Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) 319 Program funds were obtained to educate landowners on how to make improvements on their farms that would help keep manure and P-laden sediments outExpand
The Effects of Off-Season and In-Season Training on Lactate Threshold in NCAA Division III Female Soccer Players
LT levels were maintained, but not improved, by in-season, sport-specific training when compared to off-season training, and other metrics, such as shuttle run performance or VO2max testing, may be more useful in assessing the differences between the two training types. Expand