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Credibility for the 21st Century: Integrating Perspectives on Source, Message, and Media Credibility in the Contemporary Media Environment
Technological capabilities and features of the Internet and World Wide Web have prompted concerns about the verity of online information, the credibility of new media, and the new responsibilitiesExpand
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Communication With People of Different Ages in the Workplace: Thai and American Data
To test hypotheses about intra- and intergenerational communication perceptions, nonmanagerial-level bankers (n = 348) in two nations (Thailand and United States) self-assessed their communicationExpand
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Older adults' trait ratings of three age-groups around the Pacific rim
In this paper, we assess the traits that older adultsassociate with younger, middle-aged, and older adults in fivePacific Rim nations from Western and Eastern cultural traditions(Australia, People'sExpand
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A Cross Cultural Investigation of Age Stereotypes and Communication Perceptions of Older and Younger Workers in the USA and Thailand
This research assesses younger worker perceptions of older and same age worker stereotypes and communication in the USA and Thailand. Results indicate that older workers are generally seen by youngerExpand
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Accommodation and nonaccommodation across the lifespan: Perspectives from Thailand, Japan, and the United States of America
This study investigates perceptions of intra‐ and intergenerational communication among young adults in Thailand, Japan, and the U.S.A. Interactions with older adults were reported to be generallyExpand
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Age-Differentiated Communication in Organizations: Perspectives from Thailand and the United States
To test hypotheses about intra- and intergenerational communication perceptions, university students with work experience (n = 277) from two nations (Thailand and the United States) self-assessedExpand
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Expressing age salience: three generations' reported events, frequencies, and valences
Abstract Little empirical research has focused on what people say that triggers the salience of age for older adults, let alone for other age groupings. In this study, 570 American respondents (youngExpand
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The Mediating Effect of Leader–Member Dyadic Communication Style Agreement on the Relationship Between Servant Leadership and Group-Level Organizational Citizenship Behavior
This research examines how dyadic communication agreement in the workplace may operate at the dyadic-within group level as a process variable that mediates the relationship between servant leadershipExpand
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A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Imagined Interactions
This study examines imagined interactions (IIs) among young adults in the United States, Thailand, and Japan. A comparison of means across cultures on II characteristics reveals that -the JapaneseExpand
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Cultural and gender influences on age identification
Age identification plays a significant role in young adults’ mass, interpersonal, intergenerational, and intercultural communication. This research examines cultural and gender influences on youngExpand
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