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From a Logical Point of View
This paper is more dependent upon an out-and-out intolerance of abstract entities than it is upon a out-a.nd- out intolerance of nonconstructive proof. Expand
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Truth and Denotation.
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Of Time and the Null Individual
Is there such a thing as the null individual? Well, as an actual or concrete entity, certainly not. There is no such actual entity, there never has been, and there never will be. If this were theExpand
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Logic, language, and metaphysics
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Characteristics of volunteers and nonvolunteers in psychological experimentation.
A social psychology or generalized conclusion based on experimental investigations of freshmen or sophomores in college is highly debatable. Use of volunteers from such freshmen or sophomore classesExpand
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Truth and Denotation: A Study in Semantical Theory
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Logical Semiotics & Mereology
The papers in this volume are concerned with a variety of vitally important topics in philosophical logic, philosophy of language, the philosophy of mathematics, and in the application of modern logic to wider philosophical problems. Expand
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Atomic layer etching chemistry of Cl2 on GaAs(100)
Abstract The reaction of Cl2 on GaAs(100) was studied under UHV conditions using metastable quenching electron spectroscopy (MQS), AES, LEED and TPD. Chlorination of the Ga-rich c(8 × 2)Ga surface atExpand
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