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Atlas of World Population History.
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The Apparel Industry
What is the apparel industry?. The apparel industry in the UK: current size and structure. The apparel sector in the global economy. The role of labour costs and theories of development. The facts:Expand
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A Versatile Three-Dimensional Ray Tracing Computer Program for Radio Waves in the Ionosphere
This report describes an accurate, versatile FORTRAN computer program for tracing rays through an anisotropic medium whose index of refraction varies continuously in three dimensions. AlthoughExpand
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Haematological and blood chemistry "comparison values" for clinical pathology in poultry
Twelve blood chemistry values, six haematological values and bodyweight were estimated for six-week-old specific-pathogen-free brown leghorns. Observations were based on 208 birds sampled from 11Expand
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Effect of stocking rates on animal gain, pasture yield and composition, and soil properties from setaria-nitrogen and setaria-legume pastures in coastal south-east Queensland
Animal production, pasture production and pasture composition were measured from 3 fertilised sown pasture systems in the subtropics of south-east Queensland. The pastures were Setaria sphacelata cv.Expand
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Microstructural and petrophysical characterization of Muderong Shale: application to top seal risking
Analysis of the Muderong Shale from the Carnarvon Basin suggests the shale is dominated by interstratified illite–smectite with a high percentage of illite interlayers. Capillary pressureExpand
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Ray Theory for Lossy Media
Standard ray-tracing programs do not calculate satisfactorily the reflection of LF radio waves from the ionosphere because they do not take losses into account. In lossy media, requiring the ray pathExpand
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