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Arabidopsis WRKY50 and TGA Transcription Factors Synergistically Activate Expression of PR1
A role of AtWRKY50 in SA-induced expression of PR1 is supported and electrophoretic mobility shift assays established that AtWR KY50 and TGA2 or TGA5 simultaneously bind to the PR1 promoter. Expand
Functional analysis of the HD-Zip transcription factor genes Oshox12 and Oshox14 in rice
The findings suggest that Oshox12 and Oshox14 may be involved in the regulation of panicle development, and provide a significant advancement in understanding the functions of HD-Zip transcription factors in rice. Expand
The key regulator of submergence tolerance, SUB1A, promotes photosynthetic and metabolic recovery from submergence damage in rice leaves.
The findings illuminate the significant role of SUB1A in active physiological recovery upon desubmergence, a component of enhanced tolerance to submergence. Expand
Overexpression of AtWRKY50 is correlated with enhanced production of sinapic derivatives in Arabidopsis
The results indicate a possible involvement of AtWRKY50 in secondary metabolite production in Arabidopsis, in particular of hydroxycinnamates such as sinapic acid and 1-O-sinapoyl-β-d-glucose. Expand
WRKY transcription factors involved in PR-1 gene expression in Arabidopsis
It is found that WRKY50 interacts with TGAs and together they synergistically activate PR-1 expression and WRKY28 is able to bind to these W-boxes and to activatePR-1 gene expression in protoplasts, and the effects of overexpression of theWRKY50 andWRKY28 proteins in transgenic plants are described. Expand
Histological Profiling Over Time to Optimize Root Cell Type-Specific Reporter Lines for Cell Sorting.
The use of root cross sectioning is detailed to investigate marker expression throughout the length and width of the root using the model legume Medicago truncatula as an example and the usage of confocal microscopy to conduct a lambda scan to discriminate autofluorescence from marker molecule expression is described. Expand