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Corporate Governance, Takeovers, and Top-Management Compensation: Theory and Evidence
We examine, both theoretically and empirically, top-management compensation in the presence of agency conflicts when shareholders have delegated governance responsibilities to a self-interested Board of Directors (BOD). Expand
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Defining leadership and explicating the process
Leadership is the ability to get participants in an organization to focus their attention on the problems that the leader considers significant. This article identifies three functions ofExpand
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Bayesian Analysis and Uncertainty in Economic Theory.
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The Management of Universities of Constant or Decreasing Size.
Commission will be at best able to support a professional staff of some 25-30 analysts. Match this resource commitment against the formidable systematic and comprehensive review task levied againstExpand
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Bayesian Decision Theory
We present a review of decision theory based on the Bayesian approach to statistical inference and decision making. Expand
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Problems of Implementing the Trueblood Objectives Report
Financial statements are not just statements reporting on the financial activities and financial status of a corporation. They are a product of mutual interactions of three parties: corporations,Expand
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Research in the Humanities.
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Management science and university management
This chapter considers a number of areas of univeisity management—admissions, accounting, tenure, organizational structure—and shows that the analytic approach developed in management-science canExpand
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Bayesian Analysis and Uncertainty in Economic Theory
1 Introduction.- 2 Bayesian Decision Theory.- 3 Behavioral and Control Theory of the Firm.- 4 Bayesian Analysis and Duopoly Theory.- 5 Multiperiod Decision Models with Alternating Choice as aExpand
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Personal computing in education and research.
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