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Emitter Location Using Bearing Measurements from a Moving Platform
Abstract : An algorithm is derived for determining for the location of a stationary emitter based upon a number of angular measurements from a moving platform. It is referred to as the asymptoticExpand
An overview of experiments at Chalk River on HT dispersion in the environment
A trace amount (3.54 TBq) of HT was released to the natural environment under controlled conditions at a site at Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories on June 10, 1987. Scientific investigators from sixExpand
Field studies of HT behaviour in the environment
A release of 3.54 TBq of HT was conducted over an experimental field at Chalk River consisting of a 200 m diameter grassland and a further 200 m stretch of coarse sand having sparse vegetation.Expand
A FASTBUS Buffered Interconnect: What Are the Options?
FASTBUS was designed as a system comprised of multiple bus segments in order to increase system throughput by parallel processing. Expand
Integrating TV/digital data spectrograph system
A 25-mm vidicon camera was previously modified to allow operation in an integration mode for low-light-level astronomical work. The camera was then mated to a low-dispersion spectrograph forExpand