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antiSMASH 3.0—a comprehensive resource for the genome mining of biosynthetic gene clusters
Abstract Microbial secondary metabolism constitutes a rich source of antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, insecticides and other high-value chemicals. Genome mining of gene clusters that encode theExpand
Sharing and community curation of mass spectrometry data with Global Natural Products Social Molecular Networking
In GNPS, crowdsourced curation of freely available community-wide reference MS libraries will underpin improved annotations and data-driven social-networking should facilitate identification of spectra and foster collaborations. Expand
Ribosomally synthesized and post-translationally modified peptide natural products: overview and recommendations for a universal nomenclature.
This review presents recommended nomenclature for the biosynthesis of ribosomally synthesized and post-translationally modified peptides (RiPPs), a rapidly growing class of natural products. TheExpand
De novo fatty acid synthesis controls the fate between regulatory T and T helper 17 cells
Results indicate fundamental differences between TH17 cells and Treg cells regarding their dependency on ACC1-mediated de novo fatty acid synthesis, which might be exploited as a new strategy for metabolic immune modulation of TH17 cell–mediated inflammatory diseases. Expand
GeneTrail—advanced gene set enrichment analysis
GeneTrail's statistics module includes a novel dynamic-programming algorithm that improves the P-value computation of GSEA methods considerably and is freely accessible at http://genetrail.uni-sb.de. Expand
Complete genome sequence of the myxobacterium Sorangium cellulosum
The complete genome sequence of the model Sorangium strain S. cellulosum So ce56 is reported, which produces several natural products and has morphological and physiological properties typical of the genus, and the circular genome is the largest bacterial genome sequenced to date. Expand
Full-length RecE enhances linear-linear homologous recombination and facilitates direct cloning for bioprospecting
Direct DNA cloning based on the discovery that the full-length Rac prophage protein RecE and its partner RecT mediate highly efficient linear-linear homologous recombination mechanistically distinct from conventional recombineering mediated by Redαβ from lambda phage or truncated versions of RecET is described. Expand
Evolutionary implications of bacterial polyketide synthases.
The phylogenetic distribution of acyltransferase and KS domain sequences revealed that multiple gene duplications, gene losses, as well as horizontal gene transfer (HGT) have contributed to the evolution of PKS I in bacteria. Expand
Minimum Information about a Biosynthetic Gene cluster.
This work proposes the Minimum Information about a Biosynthetic Gene cluster (MIBiG) data standard, to facilitate consistent and systematic deposition and retrieval of data on biosynthetic gene clusters. Expand
Myxobacteria: proficient producers of novel natural products with various biological activities--past and future biotechnological aspects with the focus on the genus Sorangium.
Recent and future biotechnological research on certain key myxobacteria and on their ability to produce natural products is reviewed with the focus on the production of myxovirescin, soraphen and epothilone. Expand