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Age, spreading rates, and spreading asymmetry of the world's ocean crust
We present four companion digital models of the age, age uncertainty, spreading rates, and spreading asymmetries of the world's ocean basins as geographic and Mercator grids with 2 arc minExpand
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Long-Term Sea-Level Fluctuations Driven by Ocean Basin Dynamics
Earth's long-term sea-level history is characterized by widespread continental flooding in the Cretaceous period (∼145 to 65 million years ago), followed by gradual regression of inland seas.Expand
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New global marine gravity model from CryoSat-2 and Jason-1 reveals buried tectonic structure
High-resolution tectonic solutions Detailed topographic maps are available for only a small fraction of the ocean floor, severely limited by the number of ship crossings. Global maps constructedExpand
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The tectonic evolution of the South Atlantic from Late Jurassic to present
An improved tectonic database for the South Atlantic has been compiled by combining magnetic anomaly, Geosat altimetry and onshore geologic data. We used this database to obtain a revisedExpand
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Next-generation plate-tectonic reconstructions using GPlates
Plate tectonics is the kinematic theory that describes the large-scale motions and events of the outermost shell of the solid Earth in terms of the relative motions and interactions of large, rigid,Expand
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Ocean Basin Evolution and Global-Scale Plate Reorganization Events Since Pangea Breakup
We present a revised global plate motion model with continuously closing plate boundaries ranging from the Triassic at 230 Ma to the present day, assess differences among alternative absolute plateExpand
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Chapter 2 New constraints on the late cretaceous/tertiary plate tectonic evolution of the caribbean
Abstract We review the plate tectonic evolution of the Caribbean area based on a revised model for the opening of the central North Atlantic and the South Atlantic, as well as based on an updatedExpand
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Cenozoic motion between East and West Antarctica
The West Antarctic rift system is the result of late Mesozoic and Cenozoic extension between East and West Antarctica, and represents one of the largest active continental rift systems on Earth. ButExpand
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Revised plate motions relative to the hotspots from combined Atlantic and Indian Ocean hotspot tracks
We use an updated model for global relative plate motions during the past 130 m.y. together with a compilation of bathymetry and recently published radiometric dates of major hotspot tracks to deriveExpand
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Controls on back‐arc basin formation
The relationship between subduction and back-arc spreading has been well known since the early days of plate tectonics. However, the reasons why back-arc basins are associated with some subductionExpand
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