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Meta-Analysis of Postactivation Potentiation and Power: Effects of Conditioning Activity, Volume, Gender, Rest Periods, and Training Status
Abstract Wilson, JM, Duncan, NM, Marin, PJ, Brown, LE, Loenneke, JP, Wilson, SMC, Jo, E, Lowery, RP, and Ugrinowitsch, C. Meta-analysis of postactivation potentiation and power: Effects ofExpand
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Practical Blood Flow Restriction Training Increases Acute Determinants of Hypertrophy Without Increasing Indices of Muscle Damage
Abstract Wilson, JM, Lowery, RP, Joy, JM, Loenneke, JP, and Naimo, MA. Practical blood flow restriction training increases acute determinants of hypertrophy without increasing indices of muscleExpand
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The effects of 12 weeks of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate free acid supplementation on muscle mass, strength, and power in resistance-trained individuals: a randomized, double-blind,
AbstractIntroduction Studies utilizing beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) supplementation in trained populations are limited. No long-term studies utilizing HMB free acid (HMB-FA) have beenExpand
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The effects of 8 weeks of whey or rice protein supplementation on body composition and exercise performance
BackgroundConsumption of moderate amounts of animal-derived protein has been shown to differently influence skeletal muscle hypertrophy during resistance training when compared with nitrogenous andExpand
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Comparative absorption of curcumin formulations
BackgroundThe potential health benefits of curcumin are limited by its poor solubility, low absorption from the gut, rapid metabolism and rapid systemic elimination. The purpose of this study was theExpand
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Muscular adaptations in low- versus high-load resistance training: A meta-analysis
Abstract There has been much debate as to optimal loading strategies for maximising the adaptive response to resistance exercise. The purpose of this paper therefore was to conduct a meta-analysis ofExpand
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Phosphatidic acid enhances mTOR signaling and resistance exercise induced hypertrophy
IntroductionThe lipid messenger phosphatidic acid (PA) plays a critical role in the stimulation of mTOR signaling. However, the mechanism by which PA stimulates mTOR is currently unknown. Therefore,Expand
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The Effects of Potentiating Stimuli Intensity Under Varying Rest Periods on Vertical Jump Performance and Power
Abstract Lowery, RP, Duncan, NM, Loenneke, JP, Sikorski, EM, Naimo, MA, Brown, LE, Wilson, FG, and Wilson, JM. The effects of potentiating stimuli intensity under varying rest periods on verticalExpand
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Validity and reliability of an ultrasound system for estimating adipose tissue
When health professionals measure the fitness levels of clients, body composition is usually estimated. In field settings, body composition is commonly estimated with skinfolds or bioelectricalExpand
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Interaction of Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyrate Free Acid and Adenosine Triphosphate on Muscle Mass, Strength, and Power in Resistance Trained Individuals
Abstract Lowery, RP, Joy, JM, Rathmacher, JA, Baier, SM, Fuller, JC Jr, Shelley, MC II, Jäger, R, Purpura, M, Wilson, SMC, and Wilson, JM. Interaction of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate free acidExpand
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