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Fuzzy topological spaces and fuzzy compactness
Abstract It is the purpose of this paper to go somewhat deeper into the structure of fuzzy topological spaces. In doing so we found we had to alter the definition of a fuzzy topology used up to now.Expand
Approach Spaces: The Missing Link in the Topology-Uniformity-Metric Triad
Symbols Preface 1. Approach Spaces 2. Topological Approach Spaces 3. Metric Approach Spaces 4. Uniform Approach Spaces 5. Canonical Examples 6. Approach Properties 7. Completion 8. CompactificationExpand
Fuzzy neighborhood spaces
Abstract In this paper we introduce a subcategory of the category of fuzzy topological spaces and we prove basic properties of this subcategory. The main idea behind these spaces is the notion ofExpand
Fuzzy Uniform Spaces
In this paper we introduce the notion of fuzzy uniform spaces. In Section 2 we give some basic results and show how a fuzzy topology is derived from a fuzzy uniformity. In Sections 3 and 4 we proveExpand
A Comparison of Different Compactness Notions in Fuzzy Topological Spaces
In this paper we study the different kinds of compactness notions that have been introduced up to this time. We restrict ourselves to fuzzy topological spaces as defined in [4]. In Section 1 we giveExpand
On the fundamentals of fuzzy sets.
A considerable amount of research has been done on the notions of pseudo complement, intersection and union of fuzzy sets [1], [4], [11]. Most of this work consists of generalizations or alternativesExpand
Convergence in fuzzy topological spaces
Abstract In the first paragraph we study filters in the lattice IX, where I is the unitinterval and X an arbitrary set. The main result of this section is a characterization of minimal prime filtersExpand
Topology and dimension of stable planes: On a conjecture of H
Process for curing an oligoacrylate containing 3-6 acryloyl groups and at least one cyclohexene nucleus in the molecule and having an acryloyl group equivalent of not more than 1000, together with orExpand
A fuzzy lagrange interpolation theorem
Abstract The following problem was posed by L.A. Zadeh: “Suppose we are given n + 1 points x0, …, xn in R , and for each of these points a ‘fuzzy value’ in R , rather than a crisp one. Is it thenExpand