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Dicopper(II) chloro and azido inclusion complexes of the [24-ane-N2S4] binucleating macrocycle. Synthesis, crystal and molecular structures, and spectral, magnetic, and electrochemical properties
Structures cristallines des complexes [(CuCl 2 ) 2 (C 18 H 38 N 2 S 4 )] et [Cu 2 (N 3 ) 4 (C 18 H 38 N 2 S 4 )]. Dans les deux cas les atomes Cu sont places a l'interieur de la cavite moleculaireExpand
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Formyl‐Porphyrin and Formyl‐Fullerenoporphyrin Building Blocks for the Construction of Multiporphyrin Arrays
A fullerene derivative bearing a benzaldehyde unit has been prepared and used as starting material for the synthesis of a formyl-fullerenoporphyrin building block. Condensation of this aldehyde withExpand
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A stable fullerene-azide building block for the construction of a fullerene–porphyrin conjugate
Abstract A stable C 60 derivative bearing an azide functional group was prepared and used as a building block under the copper-mediated Huisgen 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition conditions for theExpand
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Synthesis, X-ray crystal structure, and magnetic and spectroscopic properties of a novel copper(I)–copper(II) cluster
The cluster [Cu10ICu2II(C4H5N2S)12(MeCN)4][BPh4]2(MeCN)4, where C4H5N2S is the mercaptide anion of 1-methyl-2-mercaptoimidazole, presents a novel polynuclear arrangement of copper(I); the copper(II)Expand
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Dendrimers with a copper(I) bis(phenanthroline) core: synthesis, electronic properties, and kinetics.
The copper(I) bis(chelate) complex Cu(L(0))(2) has been prepared from 2,9-diphenethyl-1,10-phenanthroline and Cu(CH(3)CN)(4)BF(4). Derivative Cu(L(0))(2) has been characterized by NMR, UV-visExpand
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