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The Commercial Revolution of the Middle Ages
A recorder for recording a sensed condition on a strip of flexible recording medium. The recorder includes a housing with a support member which releasably supports a coiled up portion of the stripExpand
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Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome in the pediatric renal population
Posterior reversible leukoencephalopathy syndrome (PRES) clinically presents with seizures, severe headaches, and mental and visual changes. Our goal was to describe the clinical features, triggeringExpand
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The Economic Depression of the Renaissance1
lIT ~~~~~~~~~~I VYW henever a medievalist ventures to talk about the Renaissance, he knows that he will be automatically suspect of bias, even if he utters nothing but praise. How much more suspectExpand
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Image-guided botulinum toxin injection in the lateral abdominal wall prior to abdominal wall reconstruction surgery: review of techniques and results
Ventral hernias represent the most common complication after abdominal surgery. Loss of domain and/or large ventral hernias in patients are especially challenging for surgeons to manage, butExpand
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Medieval trade in the Mediterranean world
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Silk Industry in the Byzantine Empire
THROUGHOUT history nations in control of key raw materials or manufactured goods have used their monopolistic power to wring concessions from other nations. Our own generation has witnessed theExpand
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The Dollar of the Middle Ages
The gold money of the Byzantine Empire “is accepted everywhere from end to end of the earth. It is admired by all men and in all kingdoms, because no kingdom has a currency that can be compared toExpand
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The birth of Europe
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Naissance de L'Europe
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