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A Managerial Guide to Forecasting
In order to predict the future we must examine the past in order to observe trends over periods of time and establish the degree of probability with which these trends are likely to repeat themselvesExpand
Mastering Your Business Dissertation: How to Conceive, Research and Write a Good Business Dissertation
This chapter discusses how to use statistics in the context of a research project, and some of the techniques used in the author's own research. Expand
A sensitive method of Hall measurement
A novel system is described for measuring very small Hall voltages by reversing the magnetic field with a time period of 1 s or more. The current is supplied from a direct constant current source andExpand
Factory Analysis — a Tool for Data Reduction
Determines that factor analysis is a data reduction technique, which takes a number of different variables and tries to note any underlying relationships which may be present. Posits that the factorExpand
Hall effects and noise measurements in epitaxial, polycrystalline, and amorphous Ge
Data are given of the hall mobility, carrier concentration and conductivity for epitaxial, polycrystalline, and amorphous Ge films over a temperature range 100 to 400 K; all specimens are found to beExpand
The choice of forecasting technique
This chapter discusses the importance of accurate forecasting in the profitable running of a business and some of the practical aspects of choosing a forecasting technique for a particular application. Expand
Objective techniques (causal)
This chapter covers the family of techniques known as Causal forecasting techniques. These are a set of techniques which again all make the same underlying assumption, but in this case, unlike timeExpand
Forecasts applied to business
So far this text has addressed itself to the question of how a forecast is produced, where the information comes from, how it is processed and how the results are presented. This final chapterExpand