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Phylogenetic Classification and the Universal Tree
observation led to the study of the (L)-ot-threofuranosyl-(2'-/3') oligonucleotide system (Fig. 1, bottom right), which, according to recent observations, is in fact a weak pairing system [see (47)].Expand
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Prebiotic chemistry and nucleic acid replication
Recent work is reviewed on some reactions that could have occurred on the primitive earth and that could have played a part in the evolution of a self-replicating system. The transition from theExpand
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Catalysts for the polymerization of adenosine cyclic 2',3'-phosphate on a poly (U) template.
Abstract A number of polybasic amines and glycine derivatives stabilize the triple helix formed by adenosine cyclic 2′,3′-phosphate with poly (U). Many of these compounds also catalyze the formationExpand
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Urea-Inorganic Phosphate Mixtures as Prebiotic Phosphorylating Agents
Previous attempts to phosphorylate nucleosides by heating with inorganic phosphate succeeeded only when acid phosphates such as Ca(HPO4)2 were used. The addition of urea and ammonium chloride to theExpand
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Efficient metal-ion catalyzed template-directed oligonucleotide synthesis.
The Pb2+ and Zn2+ ions are efficient catalysts for the polycytidylic acid-directed polymerization of an activated guanylic acid derivative, guanosine 5'-phosphorimidazolide. The products includeExpand
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Application of Raman Spectroscopy to Retinal Proteins
Raman spectroscopic studies on photoreactive retinal proteins are comprehensively described, including the basic physics of Raman scattering and illustrative examples of the types of information onExpand
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Formation of nucleoside 5′-phosphoramidates under potentially prebiological conditions
  • R. Lohrmann
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Molecular Evolution
  • 25 November 1977
SummaryAdenosine 5′-phosphoramidates form when solutions containing adenosine 5′-polyphosphates pnA (n ≧ 3) or P1, P2-diadenosine 5′-diphosphate and amines are allowed to dry out. Mg ions catalyzeExpand
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Studies on polynucleotides, XLIX. Stimulation of the binding of aminoacyl-sRNA's to ribosomes by ribotrinucleotides and a survey of codon assignments for 20 amino acids.
coverslip. When KB cells were grown on these composite coverslips and treated with directin, the orientation of the cells followed the longitudinal direction of the coverslip in a zigzag fasion.Expand
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Prebiotic Synthesis: Phosphorylation in Aqueous Solution
Formation of uridine-5'-phosphate from uridine and inorganic phosphate in aqueous solution is effected by the following condensing agents: cyanogen, cyanoformamide, cyanate, cyanamide, thioformate,Expand
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Catalysts for the self-polymerization of adenosine cyclic 2′,3′-phosphate
SummaryWhen adenosine cyclic 2′,3′-phosphate is evaporated from solution in the presence of simple catalysts such as aliphatic diamines at alkaline pH, and maintained in a dry state at moderateExpand
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