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Whispering-gallery mode microdisk lasers
A new microlaser design based on the high‐reflectivity whispering‐gallery modes around the edge of a thin semiconductor microdisk is described and initial experimental results are presented. OpticalExpand
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Optical properties of AlxGa1−x As
We report pseudodielectric function 〈e〉 data for AlxGa1−xAs alloys of target compositions x=0.00–0.80 in steps of 0.10 grown by liquid‐phase epitaxy and measured by spectroellipsometry. CleaningExpand
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Observation of the Two-Dimensional Plasmon in Silicon Inversion Layers
The two-dimensional plasmon of an $n$ inversion layer of (100) $p$-type Si is observed at a fixed wave vector as a function of electron density. The position, width, and strength of the resonanceExpand
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Excess Tunnel Current in Silicon Esaki Junctions
At low forward biases, a high current flows in Esaki junctions due to band-to-band tunnelling. At sufficiently high biases the current flows by normal forward injection. Between these two biasExpand
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Catastrophic damage of AlxGa1−xAs double‐heterostructure laser material
We carry out a detailed study of catastrophic degradation (CD) in DH laser material from which we reach two conclusions. First, local melting occurs and is due to intense nonradiative recombinationExpand
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Measurement of gain and absorption spectra in AlGaAs buried heterostructure lasers
A new method for measuring absorption and gain spectra of lasers is presented. These spectra are deduced from measurements of spontaneous emission spectra at different laser currents supplemented byExpand
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Spectral dependence of the change in refractive index due to carrier injection in GaAs lasers
The refractive index change caused by changes in the absorption edge of GaAs is determined by analysis of the spontaneous emission spectrum of a buried heterostructure window laser. The spontaneousExpand
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Trapping characteristics and a donor-complex ( DX ) model for the persistent-photoconductivity trapping center in Te-doped Al x Ga 1 − x As
Photocapacitance measurements have been used to determine the electron photoionization cross section of the centers responsible for persistent photoconductivity in Te-dopedExpand
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The effect of intervalence band absorption on the thermal behavior of InGaAsP lasers
Measurements of intervalence band absorption spectra were made in p-type In 0.53 Ga 0.47 As, InP, and GaAs. The measured spectra are broader, have less temperature dependence, and have 2× less peakExpand
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