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Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean
A summary is presented of the Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean (SHEBA) project, with a focus on the field experiment that was conducted from October 1997 to October 1998. The primary objectiveExpand
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Effect of Cefazolin and Vancomycin on Osteoblasts In Vitro
The effect of cefazolin and vancomycin on osteoblast-like cells was studied. Cells from the MG-63 human osteosarcoma cell line were grown in antibiotic free media and exposed to concentrations ofExpand
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Hypoxic adipocytes pattern early heterotopic bone formation.
The factors contributing to heterotopic ossification, the formation of bone in abnormal soft-tissue locations, are beginning to emerge, but little is known about microenvironmental conditionsExpand
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The Fixateur Interne in the Reduction and Stabilization of Thoracolumbar Spine Fractures in Patients with Neurologic Deficit
A prospective analysis of 80 consecutive patients who underwent stabilization with the fixateur interne for thoracolumbar spine fractures with complete or incomplete paraplegia was undertaken toExpand
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Low Back Pain and Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy
Pregnancy has a profound effect on the human body, particularly the musculoskeletal system. Hormonal changes cause ligamentous joint laxity, weight gain, and a shift in the center of gravity thatExpand
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A Dedicated Research Program Increases the Quantity and Quality of Orthopaedic Resident Publications
BackgroundPrograms seek to expose trainees to research during residency. However, little is known in any formal sense regarding how to do this effectively, or whether these efforts result in more orExpand
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Esophageal Perforation Following Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery
The authors surveyed the Cervical Spine Research Society to compile a series of esophageal perforations following anterior cervical spine surgery. Twenty-two cases were assembled. Six occurred at theExpand
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Primitive adult hematopoietic stem cells can function as osteoblast precursors
Osteoblasts are continually recruited from stem cell pools to maintain bone. Although their immediate precursor is a plastic-adherent mesenchymal stem cell able to generate tissues other than bone,Expand
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In vitro pharmacokinetics of antibiotic release from locally implantable materials
Local deposition of antibiotics has became increasingly popular in the management of open fractures or osteomyelitis, and several substances have been employed as the vehicle for delivery. AlthoughExpand
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Fractures with major vascular injuries from gunshot wounds: implications of surgical sequence.
BACKGROUND The sequence of surgical repair for penetrating extremity injuries requiring both vascular repair and fracture fixation is controversial. The optimal determination of repair order and itsExpand
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