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Dijet Resonance Search with Weak Supervision Using sqrt[s]=13  TeV pp Collisions in the ATLAS Detector.
This Letter describes a search for narrowly resonant new physics using a machine-learning anomaly detection procedure that does not rely on signal simulations for developing the analysis selection.Expand
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Search for Heavy Higgs Bosons Decaying into Two Tau Leptons with the ATLAS Detector Using pp Collisions at sqrt[s]=13  TeV.
A search for heavy neutral Higgs bosons is performed using the LHC Run 2 data, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 139  fb^{-1} of proton-proton collisions at sqrt[s]=13  TeV recorded withExpand
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Jet energy scale and resolution measured in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=13$ TeV with the ATLAS detector
Jet energy scale and resolution measurements with their associated uncertainties are reported for jets using 36-81 fb$^{-1}$ of proton-proton collision data with a centre-of-mass energy ofExpand
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A search for the Zγ decay mode of the Higgs boson in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector
A search for the $Z\gamma$ decay of the Higgs boson, with $Z$ boson decays into pairs of electrons or muons is presented. The analysis uses proton$-$proton collision data at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeVExpand
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Search for pairs of scalar leptoquarks decaying into quarks and electrons or muons in √s = 13 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detector
© 2020, The Author(s). A search for new-physics resonances decaying into a lepton and a jet performed by the ATLAS experiment is presented. Scalar leptoquarks pair-produced in pp collisions at s = 13Expand
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Surveillance for outbreaks of influenza-like illness in the institutionalized elderly
SUMMARY Respiratory outbreaks are common in aged-care facilities (ACFs), are both underreported and frequently identified late, and are often associated with considerable burden of illness and death.Expand
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CP Properties of Higgs Boson Interactions with Top Quarks in the tt[over ¯]H and tH Processes Using H→γγ with the ATLAS Detector.
A study of the charge conjugation and parity (CP) properties of the interaction between the Higgs boson and top quarks is presented. Higgs bosons are identified via the diphoton decay channel (H→γγ),Expand
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Measurements of the production cross-section for a $Z$ boson in association with $b$-jets in proton$-$proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 13$ TeV with the ATLAS detector
This paper presents a measurement of the production cross-section of aZboson in association withb-jets, in proton-proton collisions at root s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron ...
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Operation of the ATLAS trigger system in Run 2
The ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider employs a two-level trigger system to record data at an average rate of 1 kHz from physics collisions, starting from an initial bunch crossing rateExpand
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Search for top squarks in events with a Higgs or $Z$ boson using 139 fb$^{-1}$ of $pp$ collision data at $\sqrt{s}=13$ TeV with the ATLAS detector
This paper presents a search for direct top squark pair production in events with missing transverse momentum plus either a pair of jets consistent with Standard Model Higgs boson decay into b-quarksExpand