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Mine water treatment with limestone for sulfate removal.
Limestone can be an option for sulfate sorption, particularly from neutral mine drainages because calcium ions on the solid surface can bind sulfate ions. This work investigated sulfate removal fromExpand
Manganese and limestone interactions during mine water treatment.
Manganese removal from mining-affected waters is an important challenge for the mining industry. Addressed herein is this issue in both batch and continuous conditions. Batch experiments were carriedExpand
Influence of cations Ca2 +, Mg2 + and Zn2 + on the flotation and surface charge of smithsonite and dolomite with sodium oleate and sodium silicate
Abstract This study aimed to determine the conditions required for selective flotation between smithsonite and dolomite using sodium oleate and sodium silicate. Microflotation test resultsExpand
Vibrational spectroscopy of the phosphate mineral kovdorskite-Mg2PO4(OH)·3H2O.
The mineral kovdorskite Mg2PO4(OH)·3H2O was studied by electron microscopy, thermal analysis and vibrational spectroscopy. A comparison of the vibrational spectroscopy of kovdorskite is made withExpand
Characterization of the sulphate mineral amarantite - Fe2(3+)(SO4)O·7H2O using infrared, Raman spectroscopy and thermogravimetry.
The mineral amarantite Fe2(3+)(SO4)O·7H2O has been studied using a combination of techniques including thermogravimetry, electron probe analyses and vibrational spectroscopy. Thermal analysis showsExpand
Characterisation and magnetic concentration of an iron ore tailings
Abstract The Quadrilatero Ferrifero mineral province is one of the most important sources of iron ore in Brazil. Nowadays this region produces 65% of the Brazilian iron ore. However, since the 1970s,Expand
Characterization of the sulphate mineral coquimbite, a secondary iron sulphate from Javier Ortega mine, Lucanas Province, Peru – Using infrared, Raman spectroscopy and thermogravimetry.
The mineral coquimbite has been analysed using a range of techniques including SEM with EDX, thermal analytical techniques and Raman and infrared spectroscopy. The mineral originated from the JavierExpand
The spectroscopic characterization of the sulphate mineral ettringite from Kuruman manganese deposits, South Africa
The mineral ettringite has been studied using a number of techniques, including XRD, SEM with EDX, thermogravimetry and vibrational spectroscopy. The mineral proved to be composed of 53% ofExpand
The molecular structure of the borate mineral inderite Mg(H4B3O7)(OH) · 5H2O--a vibrational spectroscopic study.
We have undertaken a study of the mineral inderite Mg(H4B3O7)(OH) · 5H2O a hydrated hydroxy borate mineral of magnesium using scanning electron microscopy, thermogravimetry and vibrationalExpand
Precipitation of a layered double hydroxide comprising Mg2+ and Al3+ to remove sulphate ions from aqueous solutions
Abstract This work presents an alternative route to remove sulphate ions from aqueous solutions, which is simple and fast, and its efficiency of sulphate removal is slightly influenced by temperatureExpand