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Prevalence and characterization of Salmonella species isolated from pigs, ducks and chickens in Sichuan Province, China.
  • R. Li, J. Lai, +5 authors C. Wu
  • Biology, Medicine
  • International journal of food microbiology
  • 15 April 2013
This study aimed to analyze the prevalence of Salmonella isolated from different parts of the food production chain, and to characterize these isolates. A total of 165 Salmonella enterica isolatesExpand
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Genetic characterization of mcr-1-bearing plasmids to depict molecular mechanisms underlying dissemination of the colistin resistance determinant
Objectives To analyse and compare mcr-1-bearing plasmids from animal Escherichia coli isolates, and to investigate potential mechanisms underlying dissemination of mcr-1. Methods Ninety-sevenExpand
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Unique class 1 integron and multiple resistance genes co-located on IncHI2 plasmid is associated with the emerging multidrug resistance of Salmonella Indiana isolated from chicken in China.
  • J. Lai, Y. Wang, +4 authors C. Wu
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Foodborne pathogens and disease
  • 21 June 2013
The objective of this study was to clarify the molecular antimicrobial resistance mechanisms of Salmonella enterica serovar Indiana isolated from chickens in China. A total of 327 chicken intestinalExpand
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Physical, mechanical and antimicrobial properties of starch films incorporated with ε-poly-L-lysine.
Starch/ε-poly-L-lysine (ε-PL) composite films were prepared by combining 4% (w/v) gelatinized cornstarch and varying the level of ε-PL. The physical, mechanical and antimicrobial properties of theseExpand
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Genome analysis of clinical multilocus sequence Type 11 Klebsiella pneumoniae from China
The increasing prevalence of KPC-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae strains in clinical settings has been largely attributed to dissemination of organisms of specific multilocus sequence types, such asExpand
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Isoprene Production on Enzymatic Hydrolysate of Peanut Hull Using Different Pretreatment Methods
The present study is about the use of peanut hull for isoprene production. In this study, two pretreatment methods, hydrogen peroxide-acetic acid (HPAC) and popping, were employed prior to enzymaticExpand
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First Detection of AmpC β-Lactamase blaCMY-2 on a Conjugative IncA/C Plasmid in a Vibrio parahaemolyticus Isolate of Food Origin
ABSTRACT Vibrio parahaemolyticus is an important causative agent of gastroenteritis, with the consumption of contaminated seafood being the major transmission route. Resistance to penicillin isExpand
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IncHI2 Plasmids Are the Key Vectors Responsible for oqxAB Transmission among Salmonella Species
ABSTRACT This study reported and analyzed the complete sequences of two oqxAB-bearing IncHI2 plasmids harbored by a clinical Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium strain and an S. Indiana strain ofExpand
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Molecular Characterization of Escherichia coli Isolates Carrying mcr-1, fosA3, and Extended-Spectrum-β-Lactamase Genes from Food Samples in China
  • X. Liu, R. Li, +5 authors S. Chen
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
  • 3 April 2017
ABSTRACT This study surveyed the prevalence of mcr-1 in extended-spectrum-β-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Escherichia coli strains of food origin in China and identified strains that carried mcr-1,Expand
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Efficient generation of complete sequences of MDR-encoding plasmids by rapid assembly of MinION barcoding sequencing data
Abstract Background Multidrug resistance (MDR)–encoding plasmids are considered major molecular vehicles responsible for transmission of antibiotic resistance genes among bacteria of the same orExpand
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