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Towards social user profiling: unified and discriminative influence model for inferring home locations
We propose a unified discriminative influence model, named as UDI, that captures how likely a user connects to a signal with respect to distance between the user and the signal, and the influence scope of the signal. Expand
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Fast Range Query Processing with Strong Privacy Protection for Cloud Computing
Privacy has been the key road block to cloud computing as clouds may not be fully trusted. Expand
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State Feedback Stabilization for Boolean Control Networks
  • R. Li, Meng Yang, T. Chu
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
  • 4 January 2013
State feedback stabilization for Boolean control networks is investigated in this technical note. Expand
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Survey on social tagging techniques
Social tagging on online portals has become a trend now. Expand
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Virtual machine consolidated placement based on multi-objective biogeography-based optimization
We present a novel solution to the VMcP problem called VMPMBBO that applies biogeography-based optimization to virtual machine placement. Expand
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Multi-Granularity Chinese Word Embedding
This paper considers the problem of learning Chinese word embeddings. In contrast to English, a Chinese word is usually composed of characters, and most of the characters themselves can be furtherExpand
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Complete Synchronization of Boolean Networks
  • R. Li, T. Chu
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning…
  • 14 March 2012
We examine complete synchronization of two deterministic Boolean networks coupled unidirectionally in the drive-response configuration. Expand
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Competitor Mining with the Web
This paper is concerned with the problem of mining competitors from the Web automatically. Expand
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3D Human Motion Tracking with a Coordinated Mixture of Factor Analyzers
We exploit the physical constraints of human motion by learning a low-dimensional latent model from high-dimensional motion capture data. Expand
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Influence of Delay on System Stability and Delay Optimization of Grid-Connected Inverters With LCL Filter
The influence of delay time on system stability is systematically studied. Expand
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