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Stock Markets, Banks, and Economic Growth
Using data on 49 countries from 1976 to 1993, the authors investigate whether measures of stock market liquidity, size, volatility, and integration in world capital markets predict future rates ofExpand
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The Cultural psychology of development : one mind, many mentalities
The discipline called “cultural psychology” has been experiencing a major revival since the early 1980s. The aim of cultural psychology is to document historical and cross-cultural diversity in theExpand
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Stock Markets, Banks, and Growth: Correlation or Causality
The authors investigate the impact of stock markets and banks on economic growth using a panel data set for 1976-98 and applying recent generalized method of moments (GMM) techniques developed forExpand
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Human parental care: Universal goals, cultural strategies, individual behavior
Parents seek to promote the survival and success of their offspring, but their behavior is adapted to the socioeconomic and demographic conditions of agrarian and urban-industrial societies andExpand
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Cultural and Educational Variations in Maternal Responsiveness
Maternal responsiveness is usually associated to varied forms of behavior contingent on a variety of infant signals. This article on cultural and educational variations in maternal responsivenessExpand
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Ethnocentrism: theories of conflict, ethnic attitudes, and group behavior
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Ethnographic Studies of Childhood: A Historical Overview
In this article, I briefly survey the ethnographic research literature on childhood in the 20th century, beginning with the social and intellectual contexts for discussions of childhood at the turnExpand
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Love and Marriage in Eleven Cultures
College students from secondary population centers in India, Pakistan, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, England, and the United States were asked to rate theExpand
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The financial structure database
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Women's Schooling and Child Care in the Demographic Transition: A Mexican Case Study
THE QUESTION OF HOW FEMALE SCHOOL ATTENDANCE influences fertility and child survival in developing countries has emerged as an important problem in the analysis of demographic change and theExpand
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