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Community trial to decrease ambulance diversion hours: the San Diego county patient destination trial.
STUDY OBJECTIVE Emergency department (ED) ambulance diversion is a major issue in many communities. When patients do not reach requested facilities, challenges in care are compounded by lack ofExpand
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An in vitro comparison of the step-back technique versus a step-back/ultrasonic technique for 1 and 3 minutes.
This study compared the debridement efficacy of the step-back preparation versus a step-back/ultrasonic preparation, for 1 and 3 min, in the mesial root canals of extracted human mandibular molars.Expand
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Acute fatty liver of pregnancy. Complication by disseminated intravascular coagulation.
A 31-year-old white woman had idiopathic acute fatty liver of pregnancy. Shortly after admission to the hospital, it became apparent that she was also suffering from disseminated intravascularExpand
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Prophylactic lidocaine use preintubation: a review.
This article is a review of the use of prophylactic lidocaine as a preintubation medication. Intubation is associated with a cardiovascular response of elevated blood pressure and pulse, coughExpand
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Neuroleptic malignant syndrome presenting without fever: case report and review of the literature.
The case of a patient with neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) and delayed fever is presented. The patient was on lithium and trilafon before presentation to the emergency department with alteredExpand
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Visine overdose: case report of an adult with hemodynamic compromise.
  • R. Lev, R. Clark
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  • The Journal of emergency medicine
  • 1 September 1995
Imidazole decongestants are present in a variety of over-the-counter medications, including eye drops and nasal sprays. Their primary mechanism of action is vasoconstriction, accomplished by directExpand
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ALL polypi of the large intestine, according to R. A. Willis,' are predisposedto carcinomatouschange,the predisposition being least in the solitary polypus and greatest in familial polyposis. He goesExpand
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Pulmonary artery wedge pressures in mitral valve disease; relationship to left atrial pressures.
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Accessory lung presenting as juxtagastric mass.
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