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Impact of sleep debt on metabolic and endocrine function
BACKGROUND Chronic sleep debt is becoming increasingly common and affects millions of people in more-developed countries. Sleep debt is currently believed to have no adverse effect on health. WeExpand
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Age-related changes in slow wave sleep and REM sleep and relationship with growth hormone and cortisol levels in healthy men.
CONTEXT In young adults, sleep affects the regulation of growth hormone (GH) and cortisol. The relationship between decreased sleep quality in older adults and age-related changes in the regulationExpand
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Effects of poor and short sleep on glucose metabolism and obesity risk
The importance of sleep to hormones and glucose metabolism was first documented more than four decades ago. Since then, sleep curtailment has become an endemic behavior in modern society. InExpand
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Metabolic consequences of sleep and sleep loss.
Reduced sleep duration and quality appear to be endemic in modern society. Curtailment of the bedtime period to minimum tolerability is thought to be efficient and harmless by many. It has been knownExpand
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PHYSIOLOGY OF SLEEP (REVIEW)–Interactions between stress and sleep: from basic research to clinical situations
Abstract Acute stress is a fundamental adaptive response which enables an organism to cope with daily threatening environmental stimuli. If prolonged and uncontrollable, the stress response mayExpand
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Impact of Sleep and Sleep Loss on Neuroendocrine and Metabolic Function
Background: Sleep exerts important modulatory effects on neuroendocrine function and glucose regulation. During the past few decades, sleep curtailment has become a very common behavior inExpand
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Demonstration of rapid light-induced advances and delays of the human circadian clock using hormonal phase markers.
To determine the magnitude and direction of phase shifts of human circadian rhythms occurring within 1 day after a single exposure to bright light, plasma thyrotropin, melatonin, and cortisol levelsExpand
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Sleep loss results in an elevation of cortisol levels the next evening.
Sleep curtailment constitutes an increasingly common condition in industrialized societies and is thought to affect mood and performance rather than physiological functions. There is no evidence forExpand
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Simultaneous stimulation of slow-wave sleep and growth hormone secretion by gamma-hydroxybutyrate in normal young Men.
The aim of this study was to investigate, in normal young men, whether gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), a reliable stimulant of slow-wave (SW) sleep in normal subjects, would simultaneously enhance sleepExpand
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Roles of intensity and duration of nocturnal exercise in causing phase delays of human circadian rhythms.
To determine the roles of intensity and duration of nocturnal physical activity in causing rapid phase shifts of human circadian rhythms, eight healthy men were studied three times under constantExpand
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