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Paleomagnetic reconstruction of the global geomagnetic field evolution during the Matuyama/Brunhes transition: Iterative Bayesian inversion and independent verification
Abstract The Earth's magnetic field changed its polarity from the last reversed into today's normal state approximately 780 000 years ago. While before and after this so called Matuyama/BrunhesExpand
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Multidomain behavior during Thellier paleointensity experiments: a phenomenological model
Abstract The most commonly used method for paleointensity determination, the Thellier method, requires the absence of multidomain magnetic behavior. The influence of multidomain remanence onExpand
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Modelling geomagnetically induced currents in midlatitude Central Europe using a thin-sheet approach
Geomagnetically induced currents (GICs) in power systems, which can lead to transformer damage over the short and the long term, are a result of space weather events and geomagnetic variations. For aExpand
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Cooling rate correction of paleointensity determination for volcanic glasses by relaxation geospeedometry
The influence of the cooling rate on paleointensity estimates was investigated for samples from a vertical profile across a 600 A.D. obsidian lava flow ramp from Lipari, Italy. The natural coolingExpand
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The growth, collapse and quiescence of Teno volcano, Tenerife: new constraints from paleomagnetic data
Tenerife basically consists of three Miocene shield volcanoes, the Anaga, the Teno and Central shield, as well as the Pliocene Cañadas volcano. The temporal evolution and structural significance ofExpand
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Geomagnetic field evolution during the Laschamp excursion
Abstract Since the last geomagnetic reversal, 780,000 years ago, the Earth's magnetic field repeatedly dropped dramatically in intensity. This has often been associated with large variations in localExpand
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Magnetostratigraphy and relative palaeointensity of late Neogene sediments at ODP Leg 167 Site 1010 off Baja California
Sediments recovered from the most seaward site of the Baja Transect of the California Margin (ODP Leg 167) yielded a high-fidelity magnetostratigraphic record spanning the last 6 Myr. Using aExpand
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High absolute paleointensity during a mid Miocene excursion of the Earth’s magnetic field
Abstract A record of an excursion of the Earth’s magnetic field was found in a ∼14.3 Myr old lava sequence of the shield basalts from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). The thermal and alternating fieldExpand
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Polarity Reversals from Paleomagnetic Observations and Numerical Dynamo Simulations
Recent advances in the study of geomagnetic field reversals are reviewed. These include studies of the transitional field during the last geomagnetic reversal and the last geomagnetic excursion basedExpand
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A cooling rate bias in paleointensity determination from volcanic glass: An experimental demonstration
[1] The suitability of volcanic glass for paleointensity determinations is the basis of many studies. The dominant single domain (SD) magnetic remanence carriers, the pristine character of volcanicExpand
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