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Circulating gastrin and ghrelin levels in patients with colorectal cancer: correlation with tumour stage, Helicobacter pylori infection and BMI.
Many studies have pointed out a possible role of gut peptides, including gastrin and ghrelin, in the pathogenesis and natural history of gastrointestinal malignancies, one of the most common deathExpand
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Expression and oxidative modifications of plasma proteins in autism spectrum disorders: Interplay between inflammatory response and lipid peroxidation.
PURPOSE A role for inflammation and oxidative stress is reported in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Here, we tested possible changes in expression and/or oxidative status for plasma proteins inExpand
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Studies on possible protection against snake venom using Mucuna pruriens protein immunization
Immunization against cobra venom using Mucuna pruriens derived serum immunoglobulins was carried out in a mouse model. The neutralizing ability of circulating antibodies was assessed by challengingExpand
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Proteins from Mucuna pruriens and enzymes from Echis carinatus venom: characterization and cross-reactions.
Mucuna pruriens seeds have been widely used against snakebite in traditional medicine. The antivenin property of a water extract of seeds was assessed in vivo in mice. The serum of mice treated withExpand
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Proteomic analysis of the pathophysiological process involved in the antisnake venom effect of Mucuna pruriens extract.
Previously, we reported the antisnake venom properties of a Mucuna pruriens seed extract (MPE) and tested its in vivo efficacy against Echis carinatus venom (EV) in short- (1 injection) and long-termExpand
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Analysis of aqueous humour proteins in patients with retinoblastoma
Background:  To investigate aqueous humour protein composition from retinoblastoma patients.
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Levels and variability of purine nucleotides in normal human lymphocytes.
Anion-exchange, high performance liquid chromatography was used to determine purine nucleotides in lymphocytes of healthy males and females of various ages. We observed a considerable dispersion ofExpand
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Metabolism of Adenosine in Human Colorectal Tumour
The aim of this work is to analyse the activities of the enzymes metabolising adenosine in fragments of neoplastic and normal‐appearing mucosa, surrounding the tumour in 20 patients affected byExpand
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Erectile dysfunction and diabetes: Association with the impairment of lipid metabolism and oxidative stress.
OBJECTIVES To test the hypothesis that exists an association of non-diabetic and diabetic patients suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) with lipid metabolism and oxidative stress. DESIGN ANDExpand
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