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Pros and cons of using resazurin staining for quantification of viable Staphylococcus aureus biofilms in a screening assay.
Staining of Staphylococcus aureus biofilms with 20 microM resazurin during 20 min was shown to provide a good screening assay in 96-well micro titer plates. However, data quality was found to be
Acyl group migration and cleavage in selectively protected beta-d-galactopyranosides as studied by NMR spectroscopy and kinetic calculations.
The migration of acetyl, pivaloyl, and benzoyl protective groups and their relative stabilities at variable pH for a series of beta- d-galactopyranoses were studied by NMR spectroscopy and provide new insights into the acid and base stabilities of commonly used ester protecting groups.
Sustainable chemical technology through catalytic multistep reactions
For sustainable production of chemicals, new reactions, methods and manufacturing processes must be designed in a safe, compact, flexible and energy efficient manner. One tool to produce chemicals in
Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of a Wide Range of Secondary Alcohols: Cooperation of Dicarbonylchlorido(pentabenzylcyclopentadienyl)ruthenium and CAL‐B
The substrate scope in the dynamic kinetic resolution of secondary alcohols was studied by using 31 structurally different alcohols and isopropenyl acetate in the presence of
Studies related to Norway spruce galactoglucomannans: chemical synthesis, conformation analysis, NMR spectroscopic characterization, and molecular recognition of model compounds.
The synthesis of one of the core trisaccharides units of GGM together with a less-abundant tetrasaccharide fragment is described and detailed NMR spectroscopic characterization of the model compounds, comparison of the spectral data with natural GGM, and investigation of the acetyl-group migration phenomena that takes place in the polysaccharide are reported.
The Effect of Electrolyte Purification on the Performance and Long-Term Stability of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
In this study the effect of the purification of electrolyte material on the performance and long-term stability of dye-sensitized solar cells is investigated. The combined effect of purifying all the
Converting unprotected monosaccharides into functionalised lactols in aqueous media: metal-mediated allylation combined with tandem hydroformylation-cyclisation.
From biomass to fine chemicals: A highly regioselective reaction sequence (see scheme) combining a metal-mediated allylation and tandem hydroformylation-cyclisation for converting unprotected
The binding mechanism of the virulence factor Streptococcus suis adhesin P subtype to globotetraosylceramide is associated with systemic disease
The Asn-285–mediated molecular mechanism of type PN SadP binding to Gb4 could be used to selectively target S. suis in systemic disease without interfering with commensal strains, opening up new avenues for interventional strategies against this pathogen.
(2-(Dimethylamino)indenyl)zirconium Dichlorides
Bis(2-(dimethylamino)indenyl)zirconium dichloride and rac-(ethylenebis(2-(dimethylamino)-1-indenyl))zirconium dichloride have been prepared and their molecular structures determined. Both complexes